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January 2008

Daily Ramblings...

January 24, 2008

We went to the circus today and had a blast!  It has really changed since the last time I went about 6 years ago.  They no longer have the three rings, the hula hoops, trampoline act, or the tight rope walker.  It was much less hectic than previously.  I really did enjoy it.  It was fun looking over at the kids and seeing them just enthralled, pointing at things, laughing, and clapping.  It was a blast!

To prepare for the circus, we read an old "Barnum & Bailey" book we had from a previous circus, and we also went on http://www.ringling.com/ and read the biographies, did the fitness challenges, quizzes, and games.  We had read the biography about a young lady who works with the horses, and every time the horses came out, Dae would say, "I bet that's her!"  She was really excited about the info she had learned prior to the show. 

Dae and I are currently reading the fifth Josefina book.  I think we will be done with it no later than Monday and then finish up the series next week.  I don't know why this particular series has been so hard for us to finish up.  It is a good series, and we have enjoyed it, but it has just been hard for us to settle down with it.  I am hopeful that we will enjoy Kirstin much better.

Dalton got a rat from his friend Autumn.  He has named her "Ash" I believe.  I did not think that I would like a rat, but I really do.  She is the sweetest thing.  She does not smell or have bad habits.  In fact, she is quite the opposite.  Live and learn. 

Dalton is still doing well with his Geometry.  I am currently looking for a used Math U See Algebra II.  I hope it goes as smoothly as Geometry has gone.  He is just loving it.  He is also still researching World War II.  He watched "Enemy at the Gates" today, which he referred to as "one of the best World War II movies I have ever seen."  He started Yoshukai back last week which went well until he started doing pushups on his bad hand.  That didn't feel too well, but other than that he has fallen back in the routine very easily. 

Dae is her usual busy self.  She made about 6 sock dolls the other day.  They are really cute.  She gave each one a different character.  She has also decided to make a quilt on her own after reading a pioneer book about a little girl making a quilt.  She's up to all kinds of stuff.  It's hard to keep up with her. 

I'll write more later,

January 21, 2008

Yippee!  SNOW!  Not lots!  But, still, SNOW!!!  I hope you all got some snow!  It was so exciting for Dae.  Dalton and Dae played outside both days.  We had snow here on Wednesday and on Friday.  It was beautiful, but what was more beautiful was the excitement that you could see on their faces!   Dae was only little bitty the last time it snowed and really does not remember it.  She made a little snowman about a foot tall, and they of course threw snowballs at each other.  Dae had to get on the phone afterwards and call everyone she knew.  It was really a fun two days. 

I guess you have figured out what I have been doing on these COLD winter days!!!  That's right!  Dreaming of the ocean, snorkeling, the Mayan ruins, dolphins, swimming, and FOOD!!!  Please check out the information below!  This is going to be an awesome trip!  I would love to see us book the whole cruise.  It is set for 2009!  That's right, 2009!  That will give you plenty of time to save money, plan, and get those passports.  Please read all of the information completely, and then ask me any questions you have left.  I have been on this cruise before, and it was awesome, but it would be SO much better with my homeschooling buds and my kids' homeschooling buds.  Of note, if you are thinking of going on both the Disney and the cruise, make paying the $50.00 per person cruise fee your first priority.  This is a special price and a special payment plan they have set up for us, and we don't want to lose our spot.  The Disney is open regardless.  I hope that makes sense.  

January 14, 2008

Well, we didn't make it back to Yoshukai this week.  Tuesday we went on a field trip to Hyundai in Montgomery and did not make it home until around 5:00.  Both of the kids were too tired to go, and then on Thursday we had just terrible weather.  I know that Dalton is super ready to get back to it.  He will get his stitches out this week and hopefully be good to go.  Dae is now a higher rank than he is which is not sitting too well with him.  I just hope she doesn't abuse her new found "power".  I think this will actually show a lot about both of their characters. 

The field trip to Hyundai was lots of fun.  Thanks for planning it Bri!  We have never been to a car plant so I was really surprised out how clean it was.  They had a lot of ergonomically designed equipment, which I found to be very interesting.  The plant was HUGE!  You ride a little trolley around the plant and pretty much get to see the unfinished car in every step of the process except the painting.  I was also surprised at how much of the process is done completely by robots.  That was really fun to watch.  The kids loved the tour and the boys all said that now they wanted to go to Honda and Mercedes. 

Dalton is still doing very well with the Math U See Geometry.  After the nightmare of Algebra, this is just absolutely wonderful.  He had one day that he needed help but other than that he has just been breezing through.  We have been following the election process pretty closely, and it is very interesting to hear how his views are leaning.  Dalton is also still doing a more in depth study of World War II and I will dig out "The Diary of Anne Frank" for him this week. 

Dae has decided that she wants to do Yoga again.  I have not been able to find her any really good "kid friendly" books on Yoga, but this week I will try to find her some videos so that she doesn't have to do the same old routine from Video on Demand.  She is also still playing the piano a lot.  She figured out a part of "Fur Elise" today without even having the music in front of her.  She seems to have the ability to play "by ear" which is something that I never could do.  We are going to start on the "Travel the Trail With the Westward Ho!" on Wednesday.  The info for this is below.  To do this, we will have to finish up the Josefina series before then, so I guess we will really be concentrating on that over the next two days.  I have ordered a ton of  "frontier", "westward expansion", and "pioneer" materials from the library.  I am looking forward to it.

January 9, 2008

Today was a bad weather day.  We were supposed to go to a Teen Scene today at PlayStation in Trussville.  We could not go due to the weather, and the kids were so disappointed.  I really hated it for them.  They had rushed up and done their lessons and chores so that they would not have to fool with it when they got home.  That's okay.  These things happen.  At least everyone was safe.

I bought the "Silly Sentence" dry erase boards at the thrift store for $1.48 for four of them.  Dae has loved them.  She spins three different times to make a silly sentence, and then she has chosen to write them once in cursive and once in manuscript.  We then talk about subject/predicate, nouns, verbs, simple subject, simple predicate, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, prepositional phrases, etc.  She has really been loving it and ASKING to do it.  Yes!  5 points for Mom!!!  We have been reviewing basic division problems using flash cards, and we have also moved on to the third Josefina book FINALLY. 

Dalton's hand is doing well.  He has chosen not to start Yoshukai this week but will go back next week when he is more comfortable with it.  He has decided that he wants to go more in depth with World War II, so we have checked out several movies and books from the library on that and will concentrate on that period in history until he feels satisfied.  Geometry is getting a little harder but still going well.  He said it was something that he had never understood but now he feels like he "gets it".  Next week we will start back with the McWane classes. 

I went to my sign language class last week and really enjoyed it.  I love to learn new things and have always wanted to learn sign language.  My intention is to come home and go over with the kids what I learn, but I neglected to do that last week.  We did not have our class tonight due to the weather, so I hope to catch them up before next Thursday. 

See ya soon,
Deb Spradlin

January 7, 2008

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday!  We certainly have, and now we are getting ready to get
busy again.  This week includes a field trip to the Hyundai plant in Montgomery, resuming Yoshukai lessons, a Teen Scene event, Biology McWane class, and Park Day on Friday.  We have had a very relaxing and well needed "break" which included lots of reading, making pottery, painting, game playing, listening to Presidential Debates, metal working, puzzles, and learning HTML coding.  It has really been fun and interesting.

It is 1:04 a.m., and we just got in from the U.A.B. Emergency Room.  Dalton cut his hand open with a knife when he was opening a package.  He is just fine.  We were there for a whopping six hours, and he got five stitches.  Once again, anything can be a learning experience.  Once they learned we were homeschoolers and that Dalton was interested in the medical field, they really started talking to him.  He learned about motor and sensory nerves, irrigation, the back being the thickest skin on the body, blood circulation, insurance premiums, insurance deductibles, educational requirements to be a RN, traveling nurse, an intern, and to specialize in dermatology.  Unfortunately, the doctor stuck himself with the needle that had just been used to give Dalton a Lidocaine shot, so we had an interesting talk about HIV and hepatitis testing.  We talked about lots more, but I can't remember it all right now.

See you all soon,