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November 2007

Daily Ramblings...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 26, 2007

Yeah!  We finally went for the gusto and got a new laptop.  It is going to be so much more convenient for us...at least when I can finally figure out how to type on it.  As I am typing this, the cursor is constantly going places that it is not supposed to be going, and I cannot figure out what I am doing to make it go there.  I guess it will just be a matter of practice.  I am so happy to have something to work on that actually stays on and doesn't shut off in the middle of something important. 

We had a fun week this week.  We candled the remaining duck eggs.  We have about 4 now that we think are definitely viable.  We dissected the others, and they were at varying stages of development.  One of the eggs had an almost fully developed duckling in it.  It was really sad, cool, and disgusting all at the same time.  We are hopeful that we will get at least one duckling from the eggs.  Now that we have some experience, I think we will get some more eggs and give it another try.  I also think that we need a larger styrofoam cooler.  We have kept it at the required 99.5 degrees; however, I think that the lighting is too close to the eggs themselves and overheating them. Despite all that, it has been a very interesting experiment. 

Dae and I have been working on painting Christmas decorations.  She has painted an angel and a gingerbread man, and I have painted a crescent shaped Santa.  They have turned out really well.  Dae has also decorated a miniature tree for her Webkinz and stacked them on each others back so they could reach the top to put on the topper.  She has also made them a string of painted bulbs to wrap around the tree and written them two Christmas story books.  You know, those Webkinz really do come in handy.

I almost forgot, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  My family and David's came over and spent the day.  David made a fabulous ham, Dalton made his favorite oyster cracker recipe (Thanks Ms. Lori!), Dae made a triple delight cake, no bake cookies, and chicken pudding (all of this by herself), and I made a few odds and ends.  It was really fun everyone in the kitchen coming up with the recipes that they particularly wanted to have.  We really enjoyed cooking together. 

Okay, remember that I am working with a new keyboard.   It really did take me about 4 times as long to type this out.  If you see something crazy...just ignore it and think to yourself, "She'll get better at it." 


November 21, 2007

We had a very fun day today.  Dae decided that she needed to clean up her room.  I don't mean dusting and vacuuming; although, she did those things as well.  I'm talking about cleaning out all of her drawers, closet, out from under her bed, toy box, and the multitude of containers she had toys in.  She literally got rid of about 75% of her toys.  She did this all on her own.  She even took down the big net that held all of her stuffed animals.  Her room looks 2,000% better.  I don't know what made her decide to do this, but she said it was a big relief to her to be getting rid of all that stuff.  She now wants to have a yard sale and make enough money to buy a new Webkinz or two.  I told her that was a great idea, so we will be getting that together over the next couple of weeks. 

In the midst of all this cleaning, we were also getting ready for our Thanksgiving crowd tomorrow.  We made potato salad, spinach dip, a triple chocolate delight cake, and no bake chocolate/oatmeal cookies.  Dae made the cake and the cookies all by herself, and of COURSE, we had to double the recipe, so she had "fraction" practice.  Tomorrow we will bake a ham, cook corn, banana bread, and chicken pudding (from the Felicity book).  Dae is having a blast.  She says she "just loves to cook", and "there is a lot of it going on at Thanksgiving". 

We candled the duck eggs a couple of days ago.  That was an amazing process.  You could literally see the babies inside the eggs moving around.  It was really just the coolest thing.  We think we have about 19 out of the 24 eggs that are viable.  We will candle them again in a few days.  By my estimation, the eggs have about another week before they will start hatching out.  I can't wait.  We will take pictures and post. 

We are also having a blast with Jasmine, the hamster.  She is so sweet and cute.  You should see her when she stuffs things in her cheeks to store for the winter.  Dae keeps cracking her pecans for her to hide.  The other day she got hold of two whole pecans in the shell and had one stuffed in each cheek.  It was the funniest thing you have ever seen.  They say that hamsters run 4 - 5 miles a night in their running wheel.  I believe it.  I hear her all night long, but obviously it does not bother Dae.

I do not like Dalton's mice though.  They urinate on me every time I pick them up.  They are very busy and fun to watch, but I do not like to touch them.  One of them bit Dalton and brought blood.  Of course, we peroxized (sp?), used alcohol, the works.  They stink too; although, he has been very good about cleaning their cages.  Maybe he will decide on another pet soon. 

Dalton's knee is doing much better.  He is still taking the anti-inflammatory twice a day and doing exercises.  He is also working out with weights for other parts of the body.  I think he is really enjoying that, and it also helps to use some of his energy since he is unable to participate in Yoshukai right now.  I am hoping that he will be able to return to Yoshukai after the first of the year. 

Dalton is also having a lot of fun with his MySpace and was showing me tonight how to post YouTube on the blog.  Imagine that...HE was showing ME how to do something on the computer...  It's about time!  I am hoping soon he will far surpass me and be teaching me all sorts of things.  We told him that he could use the video camera to make movies if he wanted to, and he seemed to be excited about that.  Our camera is not digital, but we may have to look at investing in one if he shows much interest. 

Talk more later,

November 15, 2007

Can you believe it is already the middle of November?  Wow!  How time flies!!!  The weather is glorious, and we have been having a blast!  Dae spent time outside today with Jasmine, her new hamster, rolling around in its little running ball.  She introduced Jasmine to Pretty Kitty and to Billy The Kidd (the goat).  You should have seen Pretty Kitty's nose twitching, but she didn't try to hurt her.  Dalton is trying to earn some money by digging up oak samplings out of the yard and brought in a lizard for me to observe.  He actually got me to hold it and let it bite my finger.  Yes, I am a big sissy when it comes to lizards and snakes. 

Since last posting, we have acquired two new hermit crabs.  That makes four.  Dae was given a hamster that she named Jasmin, and Dalton bought two mice from a friend, which he named Twitch and Spaz.  Yes, I know, nice names.  We also are incubating 24 duck eggs.  We made an incubator out of a styrofoam cooler and a blue Christmas light.  They must stay at an even 99.5 degrees and be turned an odd number of times each day.  We will "candle" them in the next couple of days.  It would be awesome if we were able to just hatch one duckling.  Dae would be so happy.  Also, since last posting, Dae has gone to my mothers a couple of times and has made two shirts, the cutest purse, a pillow, some clothes for her Webkinz and a skirt.  She is doing very well with her sewing lessons. 

The news of the year!!!  Dae got her hair cut off.  The pony tail that we are sending to Locks of Love is 15 inches long.  He cut off an additional 2 or 3 inches in styling it.  It is so cute and SO much easier to take care of.  She is tickled with herself.  Her hair was so pretty long, but I am glad to see it go, but I had to wait until it was her decision.  Dalton says now that he wants a mohawk next year.  That should be interesting. 

We did take Dalton to the doctor about his knee.  The doctor said that it looked like just a strain that had not healed (which is what we said all along).  He is on an anti-inflammatory twice a day, no running, jumping, or karate, and is doing rehab exercises.  We went to the Graysville Community Center today and signed up so that he can use the weight room.  I am going to do some research on what best to do to help him build more muscle in his knees to keep this from happening again. 

P.S.  It is official, I have lost my mind!  I started taking Yoshukai tonight.  Yes!  I thought I was going to die! 

I will post more later,
Deb Spradlin