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PlayStation Trussville: Homeschool Skate Day on Break for Summer

2014/2015 Information TBA
Homeschool skate day on break for the summer!
The Trussville PlayStation offers regular monthly skate and LaserTag Sessions!
[Please review Special Notes section below!]

Join other homeschoolers at the PlayStation
every 2nd & 4th Friday from 1:00-3:00pm.
(only when public schools are in session / excludes holidays)

Skating Cost: Only $3.00 per skater!

Extra for speed skates ($2) or inline skates ($3).
Non-skaters do not pay. No charge for under 3yo.

LaserTag cost:
Discounted price of $4.00/game!
Requires a minimum of 8 total participants.
If we have enough interest, we will hold a separate 12 & up game and an under-12 game.

Special Notes: 
*Due to a recent complaint regarding the PlayStation's music choice, it should be stated that while a large portion of the music played during the homeschool skate session is Christian music, there will be other family-friendly music played. Please keep in mind that this session is open to ALL homeschoolers, regardless of religious affiliation. 
*The PlayStation concession is typically not open during our special sessions, but they do allow us to bring in drinks if you prefer not to use their public water-fountains. 
*The PlayStation offers kiddy-skates as well as "skate mates" to help beginning skaters (see site below for pricing details)

Visit the Trussville PlayStation site for directions, etc.