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Madison County: Alleged Rape Inside Middle School

Lawsuit over alleged student rape inside Sparkman Middle School

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By Jack Madison - email
MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF)-  A family claims a girl was raped by a student in a Sparkman Middle School bathroom, and is now suing the school board.
The lawsuit claims a Sparkman Middle School teacher, June Simpson, is accused of influencing the 14-year-old girl by telling her to follow a boy into the bathroom, and that the girl would be safe.
According to the lawsuit, the incident happened on January 22nd.
It says that the boy had been propositioning girls to have sex with him at school, but that teachers were aware of it and were watching the boy closely.
The lawsuit also says Simpson coerced the girl into meeting the boy so he could be caught in the act.
In the lawsuit, it states that Simpson told the girl, "Don't do anything. Just get him to meet you and we'll catch him."
It goes on to claim that Simpson watched security cameras, did not see the boy or girl go into the bathroom, and went back to her classroom.
It later states that the girl was raped and sexually assaulted by the defendant in the school's sixth-grade bathroom.
Simpson is one of six defendants named in the lawsuit. The others are the principal, two assistant principals, the boy who allegedly raped the girl and the Madison County School Board. 
A spokesperson from the Madison County School Board said they are just getting the information about the lawsuit, their attorney is looking it over, and it's too early to comment.

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