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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

Homeschooler: Emerson Spartz

Emerson Spartz (b. February 17, 1987 in LaPorteIndiana) is the founder of the Harry Potter fansiteMugglenet.com. He currently serves as the CEO of Mugglenet.com.[1] Spartz founded the MuggleNet website in 1999 as a homeschooled eleven-year-old. As CEO, he oversees 120 volunteers and a paid staff.[2] In 2007, Spartz incorporated Spartz Inc. to serve as the legal entity representing his MuggleNet e-business.[1][3]

In 2007, Emerson co-authored a book - "MuggleNet.com's What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7 - Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Falls in Love, and How the Series Finally Ends." As of July 21, 2007, 'What Will Happen' sold 335,000 copies and reached #2 on the New York Times Children's Bestseller List. It spent 6 months on the list. Spartz and his co-authors launched a marketing campaign in June 2007 to promote their work. This included a tour of the United States where they stopped at bookstores nationwide and discussed their various theories and revelations. Emerson went on this tour with Ben Schoen.

In 2009, Emerson Spartz and Ben Schoen penned another book, "MuggleNet.com's Harry Potter Should Have Died: Controversial Views From The #1 Fan Site". A cross-country book tour took place in the summer of 2009.

A self-taught home-schooler through high school, in May 2009, he graduated with a degree in management concentration from the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business.[1]

On May 31, 2009, Emerson and his fiance launched the website GivesMeHope. The website was created in response to the popular website fmylife.com, in which users share how their day was ruined. On GivesMeHope, users share their most inspiring, uplifting stories, and allow others to draw strength from their experiences.The website receives approximately 1.2 million unique visitors per month.

On December 30, 2009, Emerson and Gaby launched the GivesMeHope spin-off site LoveGivesMeHope.com. The website's slogan is "Stories That Make You Go 'Aww!'" According to the site, LoveGivesMeHope is for those "who can't get enough of the love stories" on GivesMeHope. The website receives approximately 1 million unique visitors per month.

On June 23, 2009, the two launched another site, Givoogle.com, a website that raises money for the American Cancer Society with every search.[citation needed] The website received 1.1 million unique visitors per month and raised a total of $6,569.89. On February 11, 2010, Givoogle.com was taken down and replaced with SavesWatts.com, with a claim that lawyers from Google forced the site closure. SavesWatts.com is a search engine that saves energy due to its black background.

In January 2010 Emerson and Gaby collaborated with sixteen year old Adorian Deck to create OMG-Facts.com a site similar to GMH, in which visitors can view interesting facts, and vote on upcoming facts. As of October 7, 2010, the OMGFacts Twitter account has over 1.1 million followers. The site's YouTube account, created in March, has over 200,000 subscribers.

In early May 2010, Emerson and Gaby created another site called SixBillionSecrets.com. In the site, people share hopes, fears and dreams in an open community. The site is likePostSecret, but instead, it updates daily and not all secrets are posted. The website, like OMG-Facts.com, LoveGivesMeHope.com, SavesWatts.com and GivesMeHope.com is part of the Spartz Network.

As of August 2010, 'The GMH Network' has been renamed to 'The Spartz Network.' Also, GivesMeHope will release a book of the top 127 stories from GivesMeHope. In the book, each story will by accompanied by an illustration. The book will appear on shelves in fall 2010.

In early September 2010, Emerson launched a new site, called Kids Give Me Hope, in which people submit stories in which they have been inspired by something a child has done/said.

Another addition to the Spartz Network is Taste of Awesome - a brand new site launched in late October 2010, described as " pics + epic captions".

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton
"Soul Surfer"

Have you heard of Bethany Hamilton? She's the young homeschooled surfer who lost her arm when she was attacked by a 14-foot shark.  Amazingly, she was back in the water a month later, and surfing competitively within a few months ... 

Bethany Hamilton is a nineteen-year-old American surfer known for surviving a shark attack in which she lost her left arm and now as a teen icon for courage.  Then just thirteen years old, Bethany was surfing a local surf spot in Kauai called Tunnels, when a 15 foot tiger shark attacked her, ripping her left arm just below the shoulder. Her friends acted quickly, and Bethany was rushed to Wilcox Memorial Hospital.  Despite the trauma of the attack, Hamilton never lost her faith in herself, surfing, or God and is now an inspiration to teens to never give up.

Her inspiring story is now a major motion picture opening April 8 and featuring an all-star cast: AnnaSophia Robb and Helen Hunt, with Carrie Underwood in her film debut, and Dennis Quaid.   

Visit the Soul Surfer website to sign up for updates and get inside information

Homeschool Parents: Kristin Maguire

Kristin Maguire
Head of the South Carolina Board of Education

How many children should a person have in public school in order to be qualified to head a state school board?

None, according to Kristin L. Maguire, the mother of four home-schooled children and the chair-elect of the South Carolina board of education, whose recent election to that post has raised some eyebrows in the state.

Ms. Maguire’s four daughters range in age from 8 to 14 years old and have been home-schooled all their lives.

Homeschooling Parents: Geoff Davis

Geoff Davis 
U.S. Congressman (KY)

Geoff Davis said this to members of HSLDA:

"It's always a pleasure for me to visit with homeschoolers from around the country and to meet with the Home School Legal Defense Association. My wife Pat and I have homeschooled our children for many years, and we are particularly appreciative of your efforts to teach children how to be productive citizens and about what good citizenship means. Your involvement in the political process is essential, and you have done a wonderful job advocating for the issues we all care about." 

    —Congressman Geoff Davis

Homeschool Parents: Todd Akin

Todd Akin 
U.S. Congressman (MO)

Todd and Lulli have six children: Wynn, Perry, Micah, Ezra, Hannah, and Abigail. They have homeschooled for 22 years and were founding members of the West County Christian Home Educators Association. Their second oldest son graduated from the United States Naval Academy and is currently serving in the Marines. Two other sons are currently attending the Naval Academy, and their two daughters are still at home. Today, Todd continues to write and lecture on the principles of America’s Founding and Heritage. He is active in the Boy Scouts for America, a leader in his church, a former board member of Missouri Right to Life, and sits on the board of the Mission Gate Prison Ministry. Todd commutes from St. Louis to Washington every week to be with his family and to meet with constituents, business leaders and other elected officials throughout the greater St. Louis community.
Read the whole article here...

Homeschool Parents: Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales – Founder of Wikipedia
From Huntsville, AL

Wales, whose wife Christine teaches their 5-year-old daughter Kira at home, says he is disappointed by the "factory nature" of American education: "There's something significantly broken about the whole concept of school." A longtime opponent of mandatory public school attendance, Wales says that part of the allure of Florida, where his Wikimedia Foundation is based, is its relatively laissez-faire attitude toward homeschoolers. This makes it easier for Wales and his wife to let Kira (a tiny genius in her father's eyes) follow her own interests and travel with her parents when Wales gives one of his many speeches abroad.

Homeschool Dad: Tom Cruise

As most people know, Tom Cruise homeschools his children from his first marriage to Nicole Kidman, Connor and Isabella.  The children are tutored by Cruise’s two sisters, one of whom lives with them and one who lives nearby.  Current reports also state that Tom and wife Katie Holmes also homeschool Suri with the aide of tutors.  

Odenville & Fultondale: Square Dancing Classes

Square Dancing
Age 12 and up
$5 per class

We wish you would consider an exercise program through square dance being offered at 2 locations as follows:
  • St. Clair County – Odenville Middle School – Sunday afternoon from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Jefferson County – BSDA Friendship hall in Fultondale – Monday evening 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
For more information, please contact Jim Whitlock at 205-243-7213 or jew_2513@yahoo.com.

3rd Tuesdays Mobile: LEGO Club

Lego Club

3rd Tuesday  1-4pm
Kim Knowles Home
Call to RSVP and get directions251-689-2985

Lego is for all ages (the olders are doing stop motion animation with the legos and little ones are doing Duplos).

This group is not an  Everest Academy group.

Homeschooler: Miss American 2011, Teresa Scanlan

5 Things About Miss America! Teresa Scanlan – Miss Nebraska 2011 - Homeschooled Through her Junior Year


On Saturday night, a new young woman was named Miss America, and this year the winner is Teresa Scanlan aka Miss Nebraska! Beating out a slew of stunning swimsuit donning young ladies, the young Teresa Scanlan was the one and only winner. So who is our new Miss America? Here are five things about the new reigning beauty queen:
Teresa Scanlan is a young one. The winner of this year’s pageant is just 17 years old! She was born February 6, 1993 and is the youngest winner ever!
She is from Gering, Nebraska and went to Gering High School in her junior year.  She had previously been home schooled. After that she took double classes to graduate early from Scottsbluff High School.
She had deferred enrollment to Patrick Henry College until the fall of 2011 so she could attend to her duties as Miss Nebraska but in winning Miss America, she’ll probably have to defer yet again.
She is an old pro at pagaents, she has been competing in them since she was just 13.
Teresa Scanlan does a lot of work for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. A friend of hers had suffered from an eating disorder and after researching it, she found out how rampant it is and wanted to do what she could to help girls.
Congratulations to the new Miss America!

What About Socialization?

What About Socialization?

I bet you have never been asked this question before, huh?  A lot of times, new homeschoolers are intimidated by the "socialization" question because they do not know how to answer.  I thought this was an interesting take on the subject.  

What will your child be?

What will your child be?

Homeschooler: Sho Yano

Sho Yano is an Asian-American child prodigy with an estimated IQ of 200. His father is from Japan and his mother from South Korea. Yano was reading at two, writing at three, playing piano at four, and composing at five. Yano graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago when he was 12 and earned a PhD from the University of Chicago in molecular genetics and cell biology when he was 18, the youngest ever to earn a PhD there. He is currently in medical school working on an MD. Yano’s mom decided to homeschool her son after realizing how much more advanced he was than the other students at his school and how much more seriously he took his academic work. Mrs. Yano has written several books in Korean on homeschooling and homeschools Sho’s little sister, Sayuri, an academic and musical prodigy in her own right. Sayuri recently finished her bachelors degree in biology at Roosevelt University. She’s 13.

Homeschooler: Sunaura Taylor

Sunaura Taylor is an artist, writer and activist for animals and the disabled. She taught herself to paint while being unschooled by her artist mother and musician father in Athens, GA. Taylor has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a rare congenital joint disorder that prevents her from using her legs or arms, and believes the disease was caused by the toxic effect of contaminated waste illegally dumped by the U.S. Military near her birthplace in Tucson, AZ. Using her mouth, Taylor paints extraordinarily vivid and moving portraits of her subjects, primarily people with disabilities and animals, intending to raise philosophical and political issues surrounding disability/normalcy, personal identity and animal ethics. She appears in the film Examined Life, by her sister Astra Taylor, discussing disability issues with the well known American philosopher Judith Butler. Taylor has won several awards for her work, including the Joan Mitchell Foundation award in 2008, and was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Homeschooler: Astra Taylor

In 2006 Filmmaker Magazine called Astra Taylor one of the “25 new faces to watch” in filmmaking. Taylor is a Canadian-American documentary filmmaker best known for her philosophically oriented films Zizek!, about the philosopher Slavov Zizek, and Examined Life, a series of on-the-move interviews with contemporary philosophers that attempts to make philosophy relevant to the man and woman on the street. Taylor grew up in Athens, Georgia and was unschooled (a child-guided variation of homeschooling) along with her three siblings. Taylor is married to Jeff Mangum of the popular indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel.