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July 20, Montgomery: Animal Enrichment Day at the Montgomery Zoo

Animal Enrichment Day at the Montgomery Zoo
Saturday, July 20, 2013,  10am – 2pm

What is animal enrichment all about? Enrichment is the practice of adding various stimuli to one’s environment.  It can be as simple as adding food, treats, scents, toys, puzzles... just anything new to the animal’s environment.  Here at the Zoo our goal is to provide enrichment that will stimulate behavior in captivity that is typical of the species in the wild. It is also our goal to provide enrichment resources to our animal collection that will result in increased physical and mental exercise.
     In order to choose an item to be used for enrichment we keep a database of tried enrichment items with results on specific animals. We also consult national animal enrichment databases developed by government agencies and other zoos. When an item is evaluated for use as enrichment it must go through an approval process with certain requirements.

Animal Enrichment and Keeper Talk Schedule.
10:00-10:15  Sloth Bear: watermelon with super-worms
10:15-10:30  Monkey  Island: hanging frozen food
10:30-10:45  Squirrel Monkey: puzzle feeder
10:45-11:00  Alligator: feed, keeper talk
11:00-11:15  Maned Wolfs: puzzle feeder
11:15-11:30  Jaguars: fish puzzle feeder
11:30-11:45  Otters: Floating puzzle feeder with crayfish
11:45-12:00  Cougars: Beef piñata
12:00-12:15  Black Bear: honey comb box
12:15-12:30  Lions: watermelon pig
12:30-12:45  Hyenas: beef shank
12:45-1:00  Siamang: piñata
1:00-1:15  Chimps: frozen food and pineapple piñatas
1:15-1:30  Elephants: watermelons and keeper talk
1:30-1:45  Rhino with baby: browse and keeper talk
1:45-2:00  Tigers: piñata with beef knuckle bones

Not just a single day event.
Everyday is animal enrichment day at the Zoo. It is the Zoo’s practice to provide enrichment to our animals on a daily basis; providing physical and mental stimulation that promotes safe and normal behavior that would be found in that species in the wild.  Animal Enrichment Day just allows us to share a daily activity at the Zoo with our guests and present it in a grander scale.

Make plans to join us Saturday, July 20 at 10am - 2pm for Animal Enrichmemt Day at the Montgomery Zoo. 

Montgomery Zoo Mann Wildlife Learning Museum2301 Coliseum Parkway, Montgomery, AL 36110
(334) 240-4900

The Montgomery Zoo is a department of the City of Montgomery, AL.