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Sep. 19, Warrior: Drama Camp Information Meeting

Greetings Homeschool Families!

My children have been involved in a Drama Seminar Week for the past 6 years, where we use to live.  They have all used these experiences to grow in their public speaking, confidence, and their spiritual growth.  We would love to do this again here in Alabama.  We have been homeschooling for 14 years, and one year here in Alabama.  I have 4 children, 3 still in school, one graduated.  We LOVE this group and the changes it makes in the children's lives.

What is this you ask? It is a week long Drama "Camp" Seminar for all ages of children 1st - 12th.  Given by The Academy of Artstraveling team.  They travel to private schools and Homeschool groups for the week.  Ending the week with a full production for the kids to perform to family and communities. 

Who are the Academy of Arts? Please feel free to look them up at their website at http://theacademyofarts.org/evangelistic-drama-seminars.html

How can I find out more? I would like to host an Information meeting September 19th @ 6:30pm, at Crossroads Baptist Church. 801 State Hwy 160, Warrior, AL I will have videos of previous camps, and be available to answer all questions and start getting this camp going.  

When would this happen? March 31-April 5, 2014;  with tryouts, and 1-2 pre-camp meetings.

COST?  Yes there would be a cost, it is $10 non-refundable per family registration fee. (Academy requires a $250 non-refundable deposit)  $160/High School Student and $110/Elementary Student.  (I am hoping that this will cover all extra costs, paper goods, advertising, etc.)

Fundraisers?  Yes I would be open to having fundraisers for the kids to pay for their camp fees.  Our group in the past did different ones, Thirty-One, MaryKay, Answers in Genesis, and Pizza are just some different ones.

Auditions? We will be able to judge which play(s) we do once we get a first head count of children.  We need 50 students to preform any of the plays, or pay the extra fees.  If there are 50 High School students, and 50 Elementary students then we can do two different plays focused on their ages.  Otherwise we will do a combined show.  Once we know what we are doing, we will be able to get scripts to the students and do tryouts for parts.  The goal will be to do auditions by mid-February.

Camp Location?  Our church has already given us permission to have camp at their church,  Crossroads Baptist Church, 801 St Hwy 160, Warrior, AL (Blount County)

WHO to contact? Johna Lawrence (205)543-6349 - home, (270)454-9012 - cell, johnaeplawrence@gmail.com

Please feel free to pass this email on to others who may be interested in the Academy of Arts drama opportunity!
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While your precious child/ren are at camp, we will need cooperation from you. While the Academy of Arts sends their people and 90% of the costumes and sets/props for the camp, there are many behind-the-scenes things that need attention. Plan to spend time at the church getting to know your fellow "camp moms"! We work on cleaning up in the church (we can make a bit of a mess), the program, feeding the Academy Team lunch and dinner, sewing and ironing costumes, etc. If you have extenuating circumstances, please email and let me know as we can likely work around whatever it is. There are a couple of jobs that can be done at home if your life situation makes it complicated for you to be onsite. However, 40 out of the 43 families interested in participating cannot contact me about alternate volunteerism!!!!   :+)  The general rule of thumb is 1 full day for each 6th-12th grader participating and a 1/2 day for each 1-5th grader participating. But you might find yourself hanging out a little more because we are super fun!