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Oct. 1 Deadline: Finding King Onomatopoeia and Other Stories Give-A-Way

 Stephanie Faughender

Finally! A book about writing that is actually fun and informative to read! Finding King Onomatopoeia and Other Stories: A Fun Journey Designed to the Help Students Learn the Art and Craft of Writing by Lee B. Woods is that book. This is a cute, cute book with a target age range of about 10 - 14 (possibly older) in my opinion.  The reader follows James & Jessica Davis on many adventures where they find themselves in strange situations which teach about different concepts of creative writing.  Each concept is introduced through mini bite-sized chapters which are not too hard to swallow. The reader will meet interesting characters such as Greta Gitem (detective), Bwana Bob (big game hunter), and Ludwig von Mayonaze (guru). 

Personally I think this book would be good for ages 10 - 14, possibly older. You could use this book in a co-op situation and use each chapter as a short play. There are exercises at the back of the book that go along with each chapter. The only thing I would have changed about this book would have been to put these exercises immediately following each chapter instead of at the end of the book. This book makes learning to write fun! This book is not your ordinary dry textbook.  I loved this book!  It is a very creative way of teaching the concepts of writing! I think you should check it out. 

The author of this book, Lee B. Woods, has sent me a copy of Finding King Onomatopoeia and Other Stories: A Fun Journey Designed to the Help Students Learn the Art and Craft of Writing to give to an Everest Academy family. If you are an Everest family and would like the chance to win, please send me an email to everestacademy1@gmail.com by October 1, 2013. The winner will be announced on October 2, 2013. Good luck!