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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

Birmingham Girls Choir

If you're looking for a musical opportunity for your daughter for next fall, don't miss out on the Birmingham Girls Choir. This organization consists of 3 choirs, Prelude--for 1st and 2nd graders, Intermezzo--for 3rd - 5th graders, and Una Voce--for 6th graders and up. The choirs meet on Tuesday nights in Homewood, and sing a wide variety of repertoire--secular and religious, contemporary and very old. For more information, check out the website : http://www.birminghamchildrenschoir.org/ or contact me at annsargent@windstream.net.

Student Spotlight: Noah Wentworth

Noah Curtis Wentworth, who will represent the Everest Academy class of 2013 as its salutatorian, has been homeschooled since birth and has been with Everest Academy since his freshman year in high school. It was apparent early in Noah’s life that traditional school would not be the best option for him. Noah began reading at 18 months and by 5 years old was reading novels extensively. Weekly library visits were a necessity in his elementary years, and by the time he was in junior high school library visits numbered at least 3 times a week to get more books. He has been involved with Hoover Library’s Summer Reading Program as a participant and volunteer for the last 13 years. Noah’s great love of reading made it difficult for him early on to focus on just one passion. He seemed to love everything he read and “what he wanted to be when he grew up” changed regularly. At various times he has wanted to be a paleontologist, an entomologist, an astronaut, a writer, an actor, a video game programmer, a librarian and a cartoonist, as well as numerous other things.  Homeschooling has allowed Noah to pursue each passion, not only through reading, but also through exploration, travel and participation in opportunities geared at these interests.  Noah has been to science museums, zoos and art museums all across the United States.  He has participated in many of Everest Academy’s clubs to include: Drama, Yearbook, Art Appreciation, iServe, Outdoor Adventure and NovelTeen, a teen writing group that he started himself. He is currently taking ballroom dance, piano, and German lessons. He is in his second year of art instruction at Space One Eleven Gallery in downtown Birmingham as a high school art scholarship recipient. He has been involved with the Alys Stephens Center’s Martin Hames Mentoring Program for the last 3 years. He has been a movie extra, taken a glass blowing class, begun writing a novel, and is currently working on an on-line collaborative historical fiction project. With his family, he has visited over 200 National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Landmarks and Historic Sites. Homeschooling has allowed Noah to actively pursue the things that interest him most and shift gears whenever those interests have changed. He has been able to succeed and fail in those pursuits, and now as his high school career comes to a close he has definite goals and ideas about his future.  

Upon graduating from Everest Academy, Noah plans to attend college and major in art to pursue a career in graphic arts. He is considering a minor or double major in languages. He qualified for academic scholarships at every college he showed an interest in, which included the University of Alabama, Montevallo, UAB, Troy, and Jacksonville State. After visiting campuses, reviewing offers and weighing compatibility options, Noah has chosen to attend Jacksonville State University in the fall. Noah has received from JSU a full 4 year academic scholarship to include tuition and books. He was also accepted into the Honors Program at JSU. Noah is looking forward to the new experiences that college will hold for him, including a trip to Germany after the successful completion of his first semester of college.

Do you have a student you would like to spotlight?  If so, please send a picture along with a short write up to Deb Spradlin at everestacademy1@gmail.com .  

CANCELLED!!! Oct. 7 - 15, 2013: Ireland Trip


Take this survey so we can create the best possible trip for you!!!!

The Emerald Isle, is a nine-day all-inclusive educational tour that has some of the following highlights: time in Dublin with a visit to the Book of Kells and St. Patrick’s Cathedral; a day in Galway, the City of Tribes, and Ireland’s fifth largest city with a bustling market and thriving downtown; Killarney and the Ring of Kerry with a visit to the Bog Village Museum and the Blarney Castle; a walking tour of Cork and a stop at Queenstown Experience; Kilkenny, also known as “Marble City” and Kildare, home to Ireland’s famed farming plains and rolling green pastures.

Visit our tour website: www.eftours.com/1351396
By popular demand...Date & PRICE Change!!!  Check it out!!!

Oct. 7 - 15, 2013
Everest Academy Ireland Trip
Ages 6 and up
Complete Info on our trip!!!!
For pricing, go to the link above and click on "Price" directly under the pictures.

For complete info, please click on the link above.  The Activity Coordinator for this event is Deb Spradlin at everestacademy1@gmail.com.  For questions concerning this trip, please contact Marissa.Williams@ef.com.

Please note that each student must attend with a parent or responsible adult.  This trip is open to all homeschoolers regardless of cover school!  Feel free to invite your friends and family members.  Spread the word!!!

Woo hoo!  I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland, and I would love to go with you!  This trip includes round-trip airfare from the Bham airport, hotel, breakfast and dinner each day, 24-hour tour guide, and entrance fees.  All you would need in addition is spending money and lunch each day.  I am super excited and hope you will join us!!!  

  1. Day 1: Fly overnight to Ireland
    • Fly overnight to Ireland
  2. Day 2: Dublin
    • Meet your Tour Director at the airport
    • Take a walking tour of Dublin
  3. Day 3: Dublin
    • Take a guided tour of Dublin
    • See the Book of Kells at Trinity College
    • Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  4. Day 4: Dublin • Galway
    • Travel to Galway
    • Take an excursion to Connemara, Maam Cross and Spiddal
    • Take a tour of Galway
  5. Day 5: Galway • Killarney
    • Take a tour of the Burren and Cliffs of Moher
    • Visit Bunratty Castle and Folk Park
    • Travel to Killarney
  6. Day 6: Killarney
    • Take an excursion to the Ring of Kerry
    • Visit the Bog Village Museum
  7. Day 7: Killarney • Cork
    • Visit Blarney Castle
    • Travel to Cork
    • Take a walking tour of Cork
    • Visit to Queenstown Experience
  8. Day 8: Kilkenny • Dublin
    • Travel to Kilkenny and Kildare
    • Visit the National Stud Farm in Kildare
    • Travel to Dublin
  9. Day 9: Depart for home
    • Depart for home

Everything you get:

Round-trip flights

Comfortable motorcoach

7 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms (9 with extension)

European breakfast and dinner daily

Full-time Tour Director

1 sightseeing tour led by a licensed local guide • 5 sightseeing tours led by your tour director (8 with extension) • 1 walking tour

Entrance to: Book of Kells at Trinity College • St. Patrick’s Cathedral • Burren Visitor Center • Cliffs of Moher • Bunratty Castle and Folk Park • Bog Museum • Blarney Castle • Queenstown Experience • National Stud Farm • With extension: St.Columb’s Cathedral • Tower Museum • Giant’s Causeway

Student Spotlight: Katie Kratsch

Katherine Leigh Kratsch (Katie to everyone who knows her) is a 2013 high school graduate. She loves reading, writing and everything to do with acting and film making and has been accepted by the New York Film Academy to begin classes in September. She was also just informed that she earned an Honorable Mention in the Huntsville Literary Association's Annual Young Writer's Contest, and that her short story, "The Storm", will be published in an anthology soon available for sale on Amazon. Katie has also been accepted into an eight-week internship with True Adventure Sports in Ft. Payne where she will spend her last summer before leaving for college training in extreme outdoor activities such as zip lining, kayaking, and water rescue. 

Her parents pulled her out of a failing public school in her 8th grade year to begin homeschooling her and have had the privilege of watching her blossom into a young lady who just can't get enough of learning. She spends most of her time attending classes at Lion's Gate Christian Academy, Acting Up acting school, YMCA Youth in Legislature (where she has attended statewide mock trial and youth legislature competitions in Montgomery for the last five years, and was offered the chance to represent Alabama in the national competition this year) and Calhoun Community College, where she has already completed almost all of her General Studies college prerequisites. She also loves spending time with her four little siblings (three sisters and one brother), who will miss her sorely when she goes away to college, as we all will.

If you have an Everest Academy student you would like to spotlight, please send a brief write up along with a picture to Deb Spradlin at everestacademy1@gmail.com.  

Student Spotlight: Summer Meadows

Summer Meadows, age 11, a student in the sixth grade with Everest Academy recently won first and third place with her photography entries in the Wallace State Community College Juried Visual Art Exhibition. The subject of the competition was "Spring Folly". Summer loves art of all genres, and photography is one of her favorites. Her camera is always in her pocket, ready to capture the perfect picture and turn it into a memory. Summer's entries included a photograph of her cat entitled, "Camo Kitty" which won first place in the photography category for sixth - eighth grade. Summer's other entry that won her third place was a photograph entitled "Tadpole". After careful selection, Summer knew her kitty, Lucy, was the perfect subject matter for a winning photograph. 

Congratulations Summer Meadows on winning your first juried art exhibition! 

To check out Summer's winning photographs go to www.wallacestate.edu/artsinapril and click on the first link.

Do you have an Everest Academy student you would like to see spotlighted?  If so, please send a short write up and picture to Deb Spradlin at everestacademy1@gmail.com .  

Student Spotlight: Katie Lindelow Koon

Kathleen Anne Lindelow Koon, known as Kat to her friends, will graduate with the 2013 class of Everest Academy. We started homeschooling as Kat started fourth grade and we were living in Pittsburgh, PA.  Part of the reason we decided to homeschool was so that our family could travel with Dad as he visited interesting places for his job. As a result, Kat has had a chance to travel in Europe several different times, visiting much of southern Germany; England; Barcelona, Spain; brief visits to Luxembourg and Belgium; and she has been in France and Austria. She enjoyed traveling to Germany by herself at age 14 and spent two weeks visiting a girlfriend and attending her German school. She’s also traveled to Canada, visiting Niagara Falls and Vancouver, British Columbia; and she’s visited parts of Mexico twice.  These travels expanded Kat’s horizons, made history much more real (imagine walking on roads the Romans built –in Germany, England, and in Spain) and walking up the same steps in Barcelona that Christopher Columbus did when he returned to Spain to tell the king and queen about this “new world” he’d discovered!

Kat has done well with her high school studies which have included online classes, self-study, dual-enrollment at Calhoun Community College, taking AP-English, and classes through a local co-op. Through Red Cross programs, she received certification as a lifeguard and in first aid. Kat has volunteered in numerous areas around the Huntsville area, including playing games with residents of an 
assisted living center, rebuilding fences at Burritt on the Mountain, packing lunches for the homeless, and being a teacher’s assistant with younger children at the co-op. Kat has been an active member of the Huntsville Homeschool Prom Planning Committee since its inception in 2009 and designed the 2013 prom t-shirts. She enjoys keeping fit and competes in 5K runs around the Huntsville area (and one in Florida so far).

One of Kat’s joys is her rescued black lab, Mia. Kat and Mia attended obedience and agility classes through Huntsville Obedience Training Club for two years. Mia is Kat’s shadow and obeys her “mom” 
without fail. Mia will be getting to know the rest of the family better once Kat heads to college in August.

This fall, Kat will be attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando, majoring in Criminal Justice, and joining the Air Force ROTC program. In addition to UCF, Kat applied to Florida Atlantic University, University of Alabama-Birmingham, University of Alabama, and University of West Florida. She has been accepted at all five universities, and has been offered to join the Honors Program at two.

Shelby County Co-op: CAP Cooperative (Chosen for A Purpose)

Shelby County
CAP Cooperative (Chosen for A Purpose)

What? A co-op for homeschoolers!
When? Every Tuesday, beginning September 2013 and ending April, 2014. Mandatory class times are 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., with electives offered before noon.
Where? The Church at Shelby Crossings, Calera
Who? K4 through 10th grade, with a nursery provided for young children of moms who are assisting during the school day.
Why? To offer History, Art, Music, Drama to K4-6th graders, which all follow a timeline format. This year, the curriculum will be based on the modern period in history. All curriculum will be based on and taught from a Christian perspective. We have a separate program for 7th-10th graders, with credit-worthy classes that include History, Art, Drama and Literature. Additional elective classes for all ages available.
How? All moms will be involved in the running of the co-op.
How much? A building fee and supply fee due is due at the beginning of the school year. A $25.00 administrative fee is due monthly for nine months.

Please contact Gwen Hood for more information. Registration time is NOW!
home phone: 620-6072
cell phone: 541-3312

FREE Agriculture Curriculum

FREE Agriculture Curriculum for grades K - 12. 

About Alabama Ag In The Classroom
Alabama Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) is an interdisciplinary educational program that promotes Ag literacy for students in all grade levels K-12. 

There are about 50 activities currently on the website with the sub-catorgies:
  • Agriculture All Around
  • Fun with Soil
  • Fun with Pumpkins
  • Composting
  • Apples

Gardendale: North Jefferson Homeschoolers Co-op

North Jefferson Homeschoolers has opened registration for the 2013-2014 school year. We will meet on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, from 1pm until 3pm. Our classes and activities are for kindergarten through 6th grade, but older and younger siblings are welcome (we have a nursery and a toddler class, and a study hall for older children if desired). Each meeting is parent led via job sign up with the coordinator(s) and will consist of one class period, a snack period and then playtime/social time/support time for parents and children both. We will also have one field trip per month as a group. There is a once a semester registration/supply fee of $10, and requested a donation of $1 per child/$3 per family per meeting to put towards supplies and to donate to the church where we meet. Meetings are held in Gardendale. For more information, please contact Andee McGrady at and33m@att.net or text at (205)527-7902. Thanks!