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TN, Wonder Works Homeschool Special

~Note from Deb~  The following info is not a field trip announcement.  It is just fyi.

Good Afternoon!

WonderWorks offers a great group rate to homeschool groups and fall is a great time for field trips! For a rate of just $9.99 per person for all 100+ interactive exhibits, here’s what you need:

1)   At least 8 students (ages 4-18) in your group (adults will receive the same rate)
2)   It must be a school-day visit (no weekends or holidays for this rate)
3)   Make a reservation (we recommend at least a week or two, but a day in advance is okay)
4)   1 person pays for the entire group (no splitting of payment)

This will ensure that you get the best rate and at the best timing. Regular rates are $14.99 for ages 4-12 and $23.99 for ages 13+. Admission is good for the entire day and we recommend 3-4 hours. Do WonderWorks AND our nightly Wonders of Magic show for less than $25 per person! Ask about combos and group discounts available for lazer tag, Wonders of Magic, and Wonders of Flight!
Find our current schedule and see a list of exhibits at www.wonderworksonline.com.
QUESTIONS? You can call, email or fill out this detailed form online.

Why a Trip to WonderWorks?
WonderWorks is great value! You can spend around 3 hours, or an entire day! It’s interACTIVE, Indoors, Affordable, and Incredibly Educational!

What’s New at WonderWorks? We’ve added a gear exhibit, wall-sized lite-brite, “Speed of Light” game that tests reflexes, Astronaut Training Challenge gyroscope that lets you feel how it would be to navigate through space, and more!

Is it Educational?
                For Elementary Ages
-          Learn the power of gravity (Anti-Gravity Chamber)
-          Develop an interest for math through sports by seeing how many miles per hour you can throw a baseball! (Virtual Sports)
-          Find out how high you can jump in standard & metric units (How High Can You Jump)
-          New! Make your own mega-sized deLIGHTful creation with lightsticks (Wonder Brite)
-          Play piano with your feet (Floor Piano)
-          Cause energy transfer (Air Cannon)
-          Touch electricity (Lightning Coil)

                For Middle School & High School Ages
-          Play your favorite sport against zombies! (Virtual Sports)
-          Experience how plate movement feels (Earthquake Café)
-          Feel how work is reduced using simple machines (Pulley Power)
-          Experience the human body’s ability to meet physical challenges (Rock Climbing Wall) (Ropes Course – 48 inches to go alone or 42 inches with a parent)
-          See how Keplar’s law explains gravity’s control of the orbit of planets (Coin Orbiter)
-          New! Feel the weightlessness of navigating through space in our gyroscope, which spins on 3 different axes (Astronaut Training Challenge)
-          Feel gravity at work (360 bikes)
-          Learn the power of pressure vs force by laying on a bed of nails (Bed of Nails)

NEW! Scavenger Hunts for 2014-15 will soon be available: Earth, Space, Body Systems, and Elementary Scavenger Hunt. We can provide you with our “What is WonderWorks?” list of exhibits with descriptions. The WonderWorks Lab Manual is also available with lesson plans/activities related to our exhibits (created by teachers).

Don’t forget tennis shoes!

Kerensa Archer
Sales Manager
WonderWorks-TN, Wonders of Magic
& Wonders of Flight
100 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
865.868.1815 Direct
865.868.1810 Office


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