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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

Oct. 16 (March 28 Deadline for Discount), Duck River, TN: Landry Science Family Camp

52% Discount Through March 28

- For homeschooling families with children of all ages

- What's provided? Your own little piece of land for a few days to use for your family tent(s) and family space, nine meals (dinner Thursday through lunch Sunday), restroom and shower facilities, campfires for hanging out, worship, roasting marshmellows, etc, a pond for fishing / canoeing / swimming (weather dependent), hay rides, space for hiking, fellowship with other homeschooling families, outdoor movie nights, science and other academic workshops, blacksmithing, welding, weaving, gardening, woodworking, and other workshops, relaxation, and more. :) 

- Where? The Landry farm in Duck River, TN (1 hour south of Nashville)

- When? Thursday, October 16 (arrive between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm), through Sunday, October 19, around noon.

FREE Make-upgirls.com Membership


We’re excited to introduce make-upgirls.com ━ an up and coming arts + crafts platform that promotes hands-on art and is designed with a level playing field so that anyone can achieve incredible results. Here, make-up means using imagination, all types of arts/crafts and countless other supplies/materials to create identities/ethnicities, unique looks, custom fashions (site has clothes patterns) and backgrounds for 18 black + white “model” images that get downloaded and printed (also photocopied) onto 8-½” x 11” paper.  Black & white model images are located in the Fashion E-Book and Model Portfolios. (The site also features art tips, colorful examples, style guides, how-to videos, idea exchange, show and tell, etc.)

We love art and wholeheartedly believe it’s essential to the well-rounded growth and development of young people and that’s why we’re extending 100% free make-upgirls.com membership with unlimited site access to you, family members and any young people in your home schooling groups + community who may be interested.  No strings.  No gimmicks.  Just go to www.make-upgirls.com click on Members Enter Here and log in using artist as both user name and password.  This passcode will not expire and there’s no limit to how many can use it.

Our sole purpose is to promote hands-on art in today's gadget driven world and we offer Make-Up Girls® as a recreational, creative outlet for young people with a global stage for showcasing and rewarding originality. Make-upgirls.com is an interconnected online art arena and venue for self- expression where one idea sparks others...and it is these ideas that will shape the site as it evolves forward.  Make-upgirls.com has received praises from Iman, Melania Trump and has been embraced by SMART GIRLS program of Boys & Girls Clubs in California.  Last but not least, make-upgirls.com is in full compliance with Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) guidelines to ensure a 100% safe online environment.

A small sampling of art examples are attached.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, feel free to be in touch.  Otherwise, we hope you'll recognize Make-Up Girls® as a fun and viable way to keep creativity infectious.  It’s a great alone time, group and/or mother/daughter activity ━ kids LOVE it!  

Make-upgirls.com  The possibilities are endless.  Anyone can be an artist.  Membership is free to all*.  In the spirit of Albert Einstein’s wisdom, please pass it on.   

With thanks,

Laura Zimzores
Creator of Make-Up Girls®
845.810.0121  direct line
lzimzores@hvc.rr.com  personal email

*Visit make-upgirls.com and click on BOA BUZZ to find the passcode for free membership and quick overview on how the site works.


April 7, 2014 (Deadline April 1), Lineville: SIFAT Field Trip

What: Geography & Culture Experience
Around the World is an interactive day-trip for all age groups. Through this program, students are provided with an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities with an international perspective, while focusing on the geography and cultural studies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Additionally, this program introduces students to basic and simple Appropriate Technologies. A simulated rural Global Village and Urban Slum are used as teaching tools to let people experience the lives of our brothers and sisters living in the two-thirds world. Understanding the global context challenges us to start at home, responding to local needs as well as global ones.

Bring a lunch & dress for the weather. The program is held rain or shine.

When: Monday, April 7, 2014 arrive by 8:45am Finish around 1:15 

Where: SIFAT, 2944 County Rd 113, Lineville, AL

Who: target age is 2nd-12th grades. Students will be grouped by age, depending on registrations. Many teens are expected!

Cost: $15 per person. ages 3 and younger are free. Payment is due by April 1. 

Contact: Nancy Melkerson, n_melkerson@hotmail.com

(March 31 Deadline) April 9, Columbus, GA: Museum Field Trip

We had such a great trip to the art museum in Columbus that we are going back again for their next program!  The topic is "Fables and Myths," and their program uses "art, storytelling, interactive games, and hands-on activities to introduce students to various fables, myths, and folktales."   The students will get a chance to learn in the galleries and then make a take-home art project in their studio.

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, April 9
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am (Eastern Time) This is an early morning to leave here with the time change- it takes close to an hour to drive there.
Age: K-5th grade- please let me know if you have pre-k students that you think would be able to participate also.
Cost: Free
Details: Should wear comfortable clothes for sitting on floor. (There will be an art project too so keep your child's artistic personality in mind when choosing clothes!)

Parents are welcome to come and stay with their children. Younger siblings are welcome as long as they are not disruptive. There is a hands-on area for young kids to play in if parents want/ need to take them somewhere during the art project.

Here is the website for directions and more info.

Please RSVP to Rebecca Miller at rebeccalmiller@gmail.com no later than March 31, and let me know if you have any questions.

(Oct. 1 Deadline) Dec. 1 - 5, 2014 Orlando: Annual Disney Trip

Please read this information completely before contacting me with questions!!!  If you send me questions that are answered here, I am just going to refer you back here....So, please read this first before contacting me.  Please note that this is the package I am offering.  There are thousands of packages out there.  Please do not ask me to make exceptions for your family.  If this package does not meet your family's needs, please feel free to look at other options.
Disney Trip
Dec. 1 - Dec. 5, 2014
Sign up open until October 1
*$245 per person (Ages 3 and up)
Plus $20 shipping for tickets per family

(Regular prices on these tickets are $394.05 ages 3 - 9 and $415.35 ages 10 and up and that's without the Y.E.S. behind-the-scenes totally awesome program!)

*This fee includes your non-refundable $15 deposit, ticket price plus taxes, Y.E.S. program, and refundable $10 fee that will be returned to you when your child attends the Y.E.S. Program.  Please note you are getting this price because you are committing to your child attending the Y.E.S. program.  We have had problems in the past with people not showing up for the Y.E.S. Program which puts our ability to attend in future years in jeopardy.  $10 per person will be returned to your family when your child attends the Y.E.S. Program.

Sign Up!!!

Back by popular request, Everest Academy will be going to Disney World in Orlando again this year. We have gone the last several years and had a blast. This is the best time of the year to visit Disney as it is already decorated for Christmas and absolutely gorgeous, crowds are VERY low, the weather is warm enough for shorts and swimming but not sweltering hot, and the hotel rates are down.

This trip will include a 5-day hopper pass to all four parks, one behind-the-scenes educational Y.E.S. program, and four visits (not hopper passes) to either Blizzard Beach/Typhoon Lagoon (one Disney water park is open each year at this time) and/or Disney Quest (which is AWESOME).

The Disney Youth Education Series Programs (Y.E.S.) transports your students behind the scenes of Disney Theme Parks to showcase how principles they're learning in the classroom make exciting things happen every day at Walt Disney World® Resort. Specially-trained Disney facilitators use captivating material and breathtaking experiences to get your students' eyes wide open. Disney Y.E.S. field studies allows your group to do things it can't do anywhere else in the world! Each student must attend one Y.E.S. program to qualify for this trip. We must have a minimum of 10 students for each Y.E.S. program. We will try to schedule several different programs so that hopefully your child may attend one that they just truly love!
Payment Plan
$15 nonrefundable deposit due per person at time of signup. Sign up early! Chaperon assignments, Y.E.S. program choices, and *discounted tickets for adults will be decided on a first come/first serve basis.  Please include $20 per family for ticket mailing.  Families may combine shipping if they have more than 10 children combined.  Each family will need to contact me with permission to combine shipping.  (Please note that paying the shipping fee is not optional for ANYONE.  Due to past issues, I will NOT try to meet up with you to deliver tickets.  This fee covers insurance on your tickets, packaging, my time and gas, etc.  In most cases, the shipping usually costs me more than the $20.)

*Our group ratio of adults cannot exceed our group ratio of children. All adults can buy tickets at the discounted price as long as there are not more adults in the Everest group than there are children. Priority for discounted tickets will go to the parents first and then grandparents, and will be on a first come/first serve basis.  We have never gone over the child/adult ratio, and all adults can buy tickets at the discounted rate unless I post here otherwise. This is a requirement set forth by Disney to maintain that this is a school group attending and a group does not show up with 543 adults and 3 children (a little exaggeration there...).  
Balance Due
October 1
You may make payments if you like or you can send the entire balance by October 1

Please send payment to:
Everest Family Church
1035 Jenkind Rd

Hayden, AL 35079
Payment may be made by using a personal check, Cashier's Check, or money order made out to Deb Spradlin.  No Paypals will be accepted due to the fees charged unless you want to incur those fees yourself.  


If you need to back out of the trip prior to October 1, your money will be refunded to you (less the $15 per person deposit fee). No refunds will be issued after October 1. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Bands
The Magic Band program rolled out last year and is not currently set up for group tickets.  You will receive a ticket that will be used for park admission with which you can select 3 Fastpass+ attractions/shows upon park arrival at one park per day. This may change by the time December rolls around, but there is NOTHING I can do about this.  I am securing discounted tickets for you only.  I am not coordinating the Magic Bands.  Your tickets are hopper passes, so you can hop parks all day long if you choose, but you can only set up the the Fastpass, etc in one park per day.  If you are staying in a Disney Resort, you will get a Magic Band which you will use as your room key.

Y.E.S. Program
  • Which Y.E.S. Program will we attend?  Everest Academy will choose and place children in Y.E.S. programs based on the number and ages of the children who are attending.  I will do my best to keep your family together or at least in the same park for the Y.E.S. Program.
  • I have a year pass to Disney. Can I still attend the Y.E.S. Program? Yes, you can sign up with the group and pay a $30 fee to attend the Y.E.S. program.
  • What day will we attend the Y.E.S. Program? Wednesday, December 3
  • Can the adults attend Disney Y.E.S. Programs? Yes, a limited number of chaperons are permitted to attend Disney Y.E.S. programs; but in some cases not all chaperons may be permitted. A maximum of one chaperon for every five students may attend Disney Y.E.S. Programs. Chaperons will be assigned first come/first served, so sign up early!!!  Priority will be given to families with a medical condition.  Children ages 5 & 6 will need one adult chaperon. Depending on the programs available, some 7-year-olds will need one adult chaperon. We will know more about which programs we will have available to us when we know how many children sign up and their ages.  
  • Does my 3-year-old have to attend a Y.E.S. program? Y.E.S. programs are for children ages 5 (possibly a mature 4) and up.
  • Does this price include hotel accommodations, food, or transportation? No. These prices are for the 5-day hopper passes, 4 trips to the water parks and/or Disney Quest, and the Y.E.S. program only.
  • Will there be arranged transportation and/or accommodations? No, that is up to you to schedule. Everest Academy will only be scheduling for the Disney package.
  • Meal Plan - Can we purchase the meal plan with these tickets?  No; however, my understanding is if you are staying on Disney property and purchase an additional one-day ticket, then you can purchase the meal plan.  You will need to check with Disney directly on that.  
  • Can my family get a package other than the 5-Day Package?  Everest is only offering the 5-Day Package option.  It gets too complicated trying to accommodate for different packages.  I can not make an exception for one family without making an exception for all families.  Please do not ask.  
  • When are the tickets valid?  In order to get this price for the tickets we have committed to attending the Y.E.S. Program. That is the only day you HAVE to be there. Tickets are valid one week prior to and one week following our scheduled five days.  That gives you 19 days to sort of play with as long as your child attends the Y.E.S. program.  You must have a park ticket to attend the Y.E.S. Program, so make sure to save one day's worth of your tickets for that day.
  • How will I get my tickets? Everest Academy will mail the tickets to you at your cost via certified, traceable, insured, signature, as-safe-as-the-post-office-can-get mail at least two weeks before our departure date.    
  • Does my 2-year-old have to have a ticket? Each guest age 3 and up must have a ticket.
  • What is a hopper pass? You can visit all four Disney parks as many times as you want in one day. You have a five-day hopper pass, which means for five days, you can visit one park a day or four parks a day or any combination of your choice.
  • What about the water park/Disney Quest tickets? These are not hopper passes. This part of the package is for four visits. For instance, if you go to both a water park and Disney Quest in one day that will take up two of your visits. These can be used any time during your stay. They don't have to be used during your 5 park days.
Who Can Attend
  • Can other homeschoolers attend this trip? Yes, this trip is open to all homeschoolers regardless of cover school.
  • Can grandparents come at the same price? Our group ratio of adults cannot exceed our group ratio of children. All adults can buy tickets at the discounted price as long as there are not more adults in the group than there are children. Priority for discounted tickets will go to the parents and then grandparents, and will be on a first come/first serve basis.  (Definition of group is the entire group of homeschoolers - not the ratio of adults/children you are personally purchasing tickets for.  In other words, if the entire group attending is 47 children, there cannot be more than 47 adults.) 
  • Friends - I want to invite my friend and her family, but they do not homeschool?  That's fine.  They are welcome to come.  

I love this freebie!  Sign up and they will send you a HUGE packet of customized maps that are sure to thrill your little ones!
You will receive:
  • Five full-color, keepsake-quality Customized Maps:
    • Walt Disney World Resort Overview
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Epcot
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
Each Map includes:
  • Most Park highlights, plus your family’s favorites
  • Large 14″ x 20″ format
  • A set of golden stickers to mark new Favorites

Click here to get your free maps!

March 27, Tuscumbia: Laser Tag Homeschool Meetup

Laser Tag

March 27th
1-3 p.m.

The Next Level
850 Howell Heflin lane
Tuscumbia, Al

Cost: $10 per student
Open to ages 7 and up

Please Call/text 256-412-4464 or email darlakayhicks@aol.com (Paypal) to sign-up.

Bham: Foreign Language Classes

iSpeak: Do you want your child to be marketable in 10-15 years? Bilingualism is no longer a choice, it's a necessity. We are a language company that services the Birmingham Metro area. We offer foreign language classes either one-on-one or in small groups. We work with individuals, businesses, companies and schools! Please visit our website at www.ispeakwell.com for more information.

Alabaster: 4H Homeschool Archery Club

4H HOMESCHOOL ARCHERY CLUB: We are starting an Archery Club for students aged 9 - 18. This group is through the 4H and is led by 4H Certified Archery Instructors. Practices will be held in Alabaster. We have some equipment that will be available, but students will need to supply their own arm guard and finger tab or glove. These two items can be purchased at Academy Sports for approx. $20. Some club meetings may be held in Columbiana at the 4H Extension Office. If you are interested in participating, please message me here on facebook or email me at shelbycoalhs@aol.com. Please include the students gender and age, along with your contact email address. The parent meeting is set and I will be sending that information out via email no later than Sunday (3/16/2014) evening. Thank you!!

Trussville: Homeschool Martial Arts Class

Birmingham Academy of Martial Arts offers homeschool classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm. They also offer evening classes for all ages. The owners and lead instructors of Birmingham Academy of Martial Arts are homeschooling parents. Contact them at (205) 909-3720 for a private intro lesson and 2 week free trial.

A brand new opportunity for teens and adults at Birmingham Academy of Martial Arts is the Cage Fitness boot camp. Taught by a homeschool mom (me). We will have a free intro class on Wednesday March 19th at 10am. Space is limited so call to reserve your spot today! (205) 909-3720. There is no childcare, but children are welcome to bring a book, a game, or whatever they like to keep them entertained for the 30 minute class, of course watching mom sweat my be all the entertainment they need. 

Thanks, Kristina

June 19 & 20, Gardendale: Home School Convention & Curriculum Fair

Keynote Speaker
Steve Demme, Building Faith Families
Featured Speakers
Dara Halydier, Abiding Truth Ministry
Robin Finley & Erin Karl, Analytical Grammar
Don Brown, Best Selling Author
visit www.chefofalabama.org for full details

March 14, Auburn: Everest Academy High School Workshop

Homeschooling High School

For area parents and teens - open to all regardless of cover school, religion, or method of homeschooling

Before Attending:
If you are with Everest Academy, please make sure to thoroughly read the Everest Academy Handbook and the Everest Academy High School Handbook before attending this workshop. 


Date: Friday, March 14, 2014
Location: Auburn Public Library, Thatch & Dean; Youth Services Room
For more information, please contact Nancy Melkerson at n_melkerson@hotmail.com
Time: 11am-12pm (room available until 1pm if you want to stay longer)
Facilitators:  Nancy Melkerson, Everest Academy and Eve Engle, Auburn Public Library
Topic: Electives (Driver Ed, Languages, Art, Music, Personal Finance, etc)
Teens: Logic
Bring any curriculum & ideas you’d like to share.

Date: Friday, May 2, 2014
Location: Auburn Public Library, Thatch & Dean; Youth Services Room
Time: 11am-12pm (room available until 1pm if you want to stay longer)
Facilitators:  Nancy Melkerson, Everest Academy and Eve Engle, Auburn Public Library
For more information, please contact Nancy Melkerson at n_melkerson@hotmail.com
Topic: College/Career Prep, Testing, Grading, Transcripts, etc
Teens: Video & discussion
Bring any ideas you’d like to share.

Past Dates/Locations:
Date: Friday, February 21, 2014
Location: Vestavia YMCA at 2086 Columbiana Road | Birmingham, AL 35216
Facilitator: Deb Spradlin, Everest Academy Administrator
Topics: Credits, electives, college application, scholarships, etc.

Friday, 11/15/13
Location: Auburn Public Library, Thatch & Dean; Youth Services Room
Time: 11am-12pm (room available until 1pm if you want to stay longer)
Facilitators:  Nancy Melkerson, Everest Academy and Eve Engle, Auburn Public Library
For more information, please contact Nancy Melkerson at n_melkerson@hotmail.com

Date: Friday, Feb 7, 2014
Location: Auburn Public Library, Thatch & Dean; Youth Services Room
Time: 11am-12pm (room available until 1pm if you want to stay longer)
Facilitators:  Nancy Melkerson, Everest Academy and Eve Engle, Auburn Public Library
For more information, please contact Nancy Melkerson at n_melkerson@hotmail.com
Topic: Core Subjects (Math, Science, History, English)
Teens: Volunteering in our community
Bring any curriculum & ideas you’d like to share. We will also discuss the possibility of a new email list or facebook group, an essay workshop (with IEW videos), group volunteering club, field trips, college visits, teen retreat, outdoor adventure, etc. Bring your calendar.

Support Everest Academy with Labels for Education!

This program has been discontinued.

Clip and Earn Free Stuff for Your School

Step 1: Clip
Clip and save UPCs and beverage caps from participating products. Click here for participating products.

Step 2: Give
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Be sure to sign up for My School to get connected with your school community and coordinator. Click here to select your school and start connecting! Please use the zip code 35073 to find Everest Academy.

Please email to coordinate delivery or mail your labels to:

Everest Academy Coordinator
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When sending, please use Campbell’s Labels for Education or LFE as subject title to avoid SPAM deletion.

Children's Theatre

Sign up for Children's Theatre is closed for the year.  If you have any questions regarding your ticket purchase, please contact Amy Boyd Carrier at medic91spc@yahoo.com.

March 12, Foley: Bamahenge Field Trip


Ever wanted to visit Stonehenge but can't fit a trip to England in?? Well, us too!! The awesome thing is we don't have to go that far to see exact replicas that are right here in our back yard. Plus, there are other fun things to discover while there: life sized dinosaurs, a giant spider, Grecian columns, warrior statues, and a great Fountain of King Neptune.

Be prepared to walk a lot. These attractions are all spaced out. Pack a lunch, bring some bug spray, and picnic blanket and let's go on an expedition together!! This is for ALL AGES! This is a FREE trip, please call me to reserve your spot. Look forward to exploring with you soon!

Date: March 12, 2014
Time: 10:30am
Contact: Jen Rogers, 205-983-4028

Here are the directions>>>Drive U.S. 98 either eight miles east of Foley or 21 miles west of Pensacola. Turn south on County Road 95. Drive for five miles. Turn right onto Fish Trap Road. Drive a half-mile. Turn left onto Leiterman Road. Drive one mile. Bamahenge is on the right, set back about 100 yards beyond some trees. Visible from the road.

Want a little more info to help make your mind up?? Check this out:

Jen Rogers
South Alabama Activity Coordinator, Everest Academy

FULL...May 7 & 8, Hayden: Water Monitoring Workshop

This event is FULL...

Everest Academy Water Monitoring Workshop

Wednesday, May 7th from 9am - 4pm and Thursday, May 8th from 8:00 am - 12:00 noon
Location:Mulberry Fork River, Hayden, AL
Description:Everest Academy parents and students are invited to participate in this 1.5 day class that will provide you with hands-on education about citizen water monitoring, water quality standards, water pollution, and ways to address pollution. Participants will learn the principles of water chemistry monitoring and bacteriological monitoring, and will practice monitoring techniques in the Mulberry Fork River!

Who:  Ages 10 and up.  All children ages 16 and under must be accompanied by a participating parent.

Cost:Cost:$15 charge per adult, and $5 for each participating child. Children ages 16 and up may attend without a parent for $15. Snacks and drinks will be provided both days. Participants will need to bring a brown bag lunch. 
Deadline:  Signup, payment, and cancellation deadline is April 30

Please register here:  http://www.alabamawaterwatch.org/news_events/calendar.html/event/2014/05/07/everest-academy-water-monitoring-workshop 

Those who are 16 and up and complete the program will be certified Alabama Water Watchers. Question:  Will those who are under 16 have to retake the course to be certified? Answer: As a lot of the junior/young water watch is still in its development phase, this policy is still under development. However, I propose that if a student is certified in the youth water watch program, and they actively monitor following the class (they regularly go to the stream and collect data), then they will only be required to go through a recertification session like all adult monitors. All monitors are required to be recertified one year after their first year of monitoring and then once every two years from there out. Recertification sessions basically entail a monitor meeting up with a trainer and going through each of the practices to demonstrate that they are conducting each test correctly. These sessions usually last no more than an hour.