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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

Starting Feb. 9, Bham: Homeschool PE Program

Our Goal
       Provide an opportunity for children in homeschool programs to participate in a structured physical program in order to keep kids active and engaged while learning cooperative and sportsmanship skills.

       Children ages 5-15
      5 year olds must be completing Kindergarten work
       Children will be grouped by age in order to provide more favorable learning groups.
      Group A – 5-7 year olds
      Group B – 8-11 year olds
      Group C – 11-15 year olds
      Groups may be adjusted slightly to meet group minimums.
       Must have a minimum of 8 children per group to offer classes
       Max of 15 per group
If you have a child or children that are 16 years old  or older and would like to include them in a program, please see Samantha for other options.
Care available for children under 4 years old for $3 per hour.

Homeschool PE Introductory Offer
       5-15 year olds will be $25 per month ($75/session)
       5-15 years old is $40 per month ($120/session)

·         First months payment for each child required at the time of enrollment.
·         Because this is the very best price that can be offered, there will be no way to offer multi-sibling or other special deals or discounts.
·         Must have at least 8 enroll per group to offer class. Deadline for enrollment February 4th, 2015. If the minimum is not met, classes will not be able to be offered.
·         Classes will start February 9th and be held every Monday and Wednesday from 1pm – 2:15pm for 12 weeks (3months).

Samantha Clayton
   Children's Programs Lead
    St. Vincent's One Nineteen Health & Wellness
    7191 Cahaba Valley Road
    Birmingham, AL 35242