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HOBMOB: Online Discussion Groups About Your Interests

Dear Deb, 

I'm Vidushi, a sophomore at Princeton University. I wanted to tell you about a website that my friends and I are developing because I believe it is a great resource for homeschoolers.

Our site is theHOBMOB.com (here is a video overview). Our mission is to spark meaningful discussions among people with similar passions. We want to transcend the superficial interactions that characterize social media and use technology to create longform, interdisciplinary conversations. theHOBMOB has 18 main interest pages, ranging from STEM to Music, and user-created sub interests. We have musicians sharing compositions, students discussing social justice movements, and kids talking about math puzzles, all in the same place!

Here's a case study: HOBMOB member Susanna Olson was homeschooled throughout high school and taught a Cultural Geography homeschool class last summer. She created a subinterest called "180 Days Around the World" under theHOBMOB Travel page for her class. On the page, her students shared research about a different country every week. In turn, travel enthusiasts from all over the world engaged with them, sharing experiences and asking questions.

I was inspired by her success and thought that other homeschooling groups could follow a similar model. For example, a parent and a child passionate about space could post their questions and their work on the Astronomy subinterest of STEM to interact with space enthusiasts globally. 

If you think that parents and kids in your community might find theHOBMOB a helpful tool, please let me know (you can reply to this email or give me a call at 201-320-9233!) We're three kids with the dream of making the web a more creative and fulfilling place, and we're open to any feedback! 

Vidushi Sharma
Class of 2017
Department of Philosophy