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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

Dec. 18, 2015 Bham: Ballroom 5th Annual Christmas Ball (Ages 11 and up)

You are cordially invited to the 5th Annual Christmas Ball

Date and Time:
Friday, December 18
6:30-10:00 P.M.

Free dance lesson from 6-6:30! 

Intermission at 8:30: Exhibition Team Performances

Our Lady of the Valley Church Social Hall
5514 Double Oak Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242

Dress Code:
Semi Formal

Ladies: Modest gowns

Gentlemen: Shirt and tie mandatory; no jeans

$5.00 per student/$15.00 per family

Heavy Hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Please note that due to the formal nature and late hour of this event the following guidelines apply:

 Ages 11 and up only (babes in arms excepted)
 Parents are welcome to attend but may drop off after signing in and providing emergency contact number
 Dance floor decorum to be observed at all times

Questions: Love2danceteens@gmail.com

Dance Floor Decorum
Please Read!

 Dance floor is for dancing! Eating and chatting should stay on the sides of the room. Absolutely NO horseplay of any kind in the ballroom or foyer. After the second incident parents will be contacted and student will be asked to leave!

 Line of Dance: Line dances and stationary dances like swings stay in the middle, leaving room 
for traveling dances, like foxtrot and waltz, to proceed in a counter-clockwise direction around the 
outside of the floor.

 After dancing with a lady return her to her place and say “Thank you” out loud!

 Ladies who wish to dance, try standing near the edge of the floor, smile and look friendly!

 Gentlemen, it is up to you to ensure that all the ladies are able to dance. Please do not sit dances out if there are many ladies waiting for a partner. If you don’t know the suggested dance, just dance the closest song you know! 

 The best cure for nervousness is to dance, dance, dance! Have fun and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!