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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

April 6, 2016 (Deadline Feb. 19) Mobile: Homeschool Geography Fair

Geography Fair **PARTICIPANTS**

Wednesday April 6th, 10am
Deadline Feb. 19, 2016
Questions or RSVP:  Erin Wainwright at etw501@yahoo.com .  

Azalea Hills Christian Church
9191 Cottage Hill Rd
Mobile, AL 36695

You may do a board per family OR per child it is up to you. 

Payment:  It will be $5 per BOARD to cover passports and stamps for your country for visitors! 

Credit card, debit card, or Paypal
You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay using a credit or debit card through Paypal. Go to www.paypal.com. Click on "Send" and type in our Paypal account address ( etw501@yahoo.com ) and the amount. Please use the option "I'm sending the money to family or friends" when using Paypal.

The level you take this to will be completely up to you, but a tri fold board is the basic requirement! Bringing a food for your country would be GREAT costumes even better! Please do be prepared to give at least three interesting facts about your country! 

Please send ME three facts about your country so I can create a scavenger hunt! :) 

I will allow for countries to be repeated twice! So there may be two Frances. LOL But I dont want 15 of them! 

I will ask for your child to create me and 8.5x11 flag of your country for decorations! If you can get them to me BEFORE the event that would be WONDERFUL!

NO MORE: Ireland, Japan, Bahamas, France, Mexico, Germany, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand. India, Switzerland. Italy, Sweden

I will, closer to time, create a separate event for those just wishing to come and see and "visit" our countries so we have a headcount. THAT will be $2 per person at the door, with that money going as a donation to the church for allowing us the use of their church for Thanksgiving, Valentines, and this geography fair! And you are free to invite grandparents and such who are home during the day!

This event is sponsored by Everest Academy but open to all homeschoolers. Please review the Everest Academy Participation Policy before attending any of our events.