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March 1, 2016 Deadline (Don't Wait!) Decatur: Calhoun Scholarship Deadline

Dear High School Counselors serving Graduating Seniors:

A quick reminder that the March 1 deadline for Calhoun Scholarships is fast approaching. The link for the Calhoun Scholarship application is:https://calhoun.academicworks.com/users/sign_in

Normally, we have about 400 applications in the cue by now and have about 900 applications in total by the final call. That means that every year, we scholarship about 1/3 of all applications. So those are pretty good odds!

HOWEVER, this year we only have 100 applications thus far.

We certainly realize that is because our new “Comprehensive Scholarship Management Solution” application process requires students to have a C# (student ID number) in order to apply. This is the only way the new system can ensure we do not have duplicates in the system. The new “Comprehensive Scholarship Management Solution” is called Academic Works. Most colleges are migrating to tools like this in order to ensure that student data is protected and that students are considered for all awards for which they are eligible. So it’s a good thing in the long run, but this is our acclimation year.

For Counselors who were not at our Fall Meeting and didn’t hear this news first-hand, it just means that students have to apply for admissions to Calhoun and receive a student number…and then that student number becomes their identifier in the scholarship application system.

So there is an upside and a downside to consider this year:

Waiting to the last minute to apply for a Calhoun scholarship is risky because it can take Admissions 24-48 hours to email students their C#. So students can’t start their application on Feb. 29 and be assured they will make the March 1 deadline.

As we transition to this new tool, if scholarship application numbers remain lower during our acclimation year, then the odds of getting a scholarship go up.

Every year we have exceptional students, as in academically stellar young people, who come to us at the eleventh hour and tell us that their plans to attend elsewhere have fallen through. Sometimes it’s financial problems, family issues, housing, health, you name it, life happens. So for a variety of reasons, a notable number of students have to abandon awards from other colleges and stay local. In some cases, families don’t realize until mid-summer that award their student received is spread over four years, or that an offer doesn’t include housing, or maybe there are roommate situations that can’t be worked out, and all these factors coalesce into a decision to defer university life. There are dozens of reasons that a surprising number of 4-year planners, in the end, decide to stay local. Naturally they reach out to Calhoun and hope that we can offer them an award late in the game. And we try to. But our answer is always: We can only make you an offer if you’ve applied by the March 1 deadline. We can’t ignore a student that applied on time and make an award to a student who hasn’t applied at all. So please, please, encourage all of your students to submit a Calhoun scholarship application. It’s a short process and only requires a 300-word essay. And it’s a wise investment in keeping all options in play.

If we can do anything to be of service, please let us know.

Terri Bryson
Calhoun Scholarship Administrator