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Bham: Learn to Read Biblical Greek

~Note from Deb~  I do not have any prior knowledge of this person or his services.  

Greetings to all interested homeschool families,

Would you or your homeschool student like to learn to read the Bible in its original language? I am a student of Beeson Divinity School and have had two full years of training in New Testament Greek. Beginning in the summer I want to start a beginner's Greek reading group. I will teach you everything you need to know to read the New Testament. Within a year, I hope to have you reading sections of 1 John from the original Koine Greek. If you're interested please contact me at this email address.

Steven Lanclos


Several people are interested in the Greek class, but they all have the same questions. I'm sorry, I should have included this information in my last email. My hope is to build a class of around ten to fifteen students. I live in the Birmingham area. I hope to host these lessons in Birmingham or within the surrounding area. The cost is $100 per month for one hour classes once per week. I will send out a 'doodle' for scheduling. This will allow you to put your top two or three choices for class times. If you are interested in these lessons please let me know. I hope to begin at the beginning of May.