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Sep. 13, 2016 Online: Latin Classes

Dear Home Educators:

**Due to the approaching deadline, I have reduced the price to $50/month***

How many times have you heard someone say: “Latin is such a useful language!” or “I wish my child had learned Latin in school!” or even “The Romans built such a powerful civilization; today we still see the influence of their language: Latin!” Such invocations are provocative, but seemingly elusive or impossible given the multiple education requirements necessary for Middle and High school students. 

Today, I want you to consider learning Latin online. By eliminating travel hassle and even the necessity of a classroom, Latin education may become accessible again. Learning Latin can be daunting, though, so why not let a qualified teacher do it for you. Online classes — such as Florida Virtual School — already exist, but they differ in striking ways. They give the student the following disadvantages:

1. Virtual school teachers often have too many students and cannot provide individual attention where necessary.
2. Curricula within these schools are prescribed and not adaptable by the teacher. If students can not adapt to the material, too bad for them.
3. These teachers are part of a structured school system. They hold ultimate authority and can overrule judgements made by the home educator and/or parents.
4. Often these virtual schools build-in enormous amounts of “busy work,” which only distracts the student from acquiring valuable information.

In my online course, I hope to mitigate these disadvantages in the following ways:

1. By working independently, I can control class sizes. I can ensure that my student number does not become so large that I cannot give personal attention.
2. I have chosen the textbook carefully to suit different age and education levels. However, the textbook is not the only resource. Using more tools or self-made materials can help the student. In my previous courses, I constantly innovated for the benefit of student comprehension.
3. I understand that the home educator and/or parent has the ultimate responsibility for the instruction of their student. I hope to merely facilitate their learning through my own knowledge and experience.
4. I answer to the home educator and/or parent, not a virtual school. Homework should build understanding. I have no necessity to create “busy work.”

Who am I? 
My name is Maria Johnson. I have been studying Latin since I was 10 years old. I was a member of the Junior Classical League in middle school. Throughout my education, I came back to Latin repeatedly. In College, I majored in Humanities and Cultural Studies and graduated Summa Cum Laudefrom the University of South Florida in 2014. While I pursued my degree, I took every Latin education opportunity available to me, including supervised reading and translation work in my undergraduate thesis. I am currently in graduate school at Western Michigan University. I have continued to take Latin courses and have passed through Medieval Latin. There, I received an award in Latin Excellence this past Winter semester. Outside of the classroom, I have tutored and taught Latin for several years. 

What does it mean to learn Latin online with me?
The class should feel as much like a traditional class as possible, with regular class sessions, giving and receiving homework, and tests. The class sessions will be held on Skype. There I can have all the students join into a group conference, where we will be able to hear and see each other. I will teach lessons using Powerpoint presentations and also a virtual whiteboard. Tests will be administered through ClassMarker.com, where they will be timed and opened using a password I give out. We will communicate via email as well as a closed Facebook group. The course costs  $50 per month per student ($35 for subsequent siblings, who may want to also take the course). Payments will be carried out through Paypal. 

I hope you will take a moment to look at my attached flyer and recommendation letters. In the flyer, I lay out the specifics of my Latin course and reassert the benefits of learning Latin. You may register for the course by replying to this email.

Classes are set to begin September 13th! 

Thank you for your time and attention,
Maria Johnson