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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off church "cover" school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

North Shelby: Interested in a teen program at North Shelby Library?

Open to all homeschoolers:  Hi, my name is Beverly and I have a homeschool teen and have been working with Kate Etheridge at the North Shelby Library over off Hwy 119 to get some Teen Homeschool events set up there.  Please contact either of us if you are interested in participating.  We need to know days of the week that you might be able to do this so we can decide what time frame works best for the majority.  It would likely be once, possibly twice a month.  My email is breadcrumbs@bellsouth.net and the following is her email to me with info about what we can potentially get set up and her email and phone contact info is at the end of her email.

Thanks so much for being interested in homeschool programs for teens!  Here are some programs I currently do that I can do for homeschoolers:

                Makey Makey – a circuit board you connect to a computer which allows you to control it using any objects that conduct electricity (metal, organic items like bananas or humans, water). Makey-Makey can be expanded to be multi-program projects, depending on demand/interest.
                Stop Motion Animation – we teach the kids how to use Hue to create short movies
                3D printing – the kids learn how to use Tinkercad (a free, online program) to create a 3D object that we print here in the library. They also get to see the printer in action
                Engineering – using various materials (straws, popsicle sticks, foil) to build structures and test for strength
                Virtual reality – programs using smart phones/tablets to create holograms and experience virtual reality. The library also has an Oculus Rift – our favorite use is flying around in Google Earth and seeing what places look like from the comfort of the library.
                Coding without Computers – introduction to coding using basic symbols and written instructions to operate a human computer (me)

I also facilitate Google’s CS-First program where teens can learn Scratch programming by watching short videos and doing guided activities. The program is 8 classes and there are a variety of themes such as Music and Sound, Art, Animation, Game Design. All the themes have different skill levels from beginner to advanced.

It is possible for us to bring back the financial “real world” experience program, if there is interest.
Art Club – We can provide a place to meet as long as it’s open to the public. However, the reference librarian (who has an art degree) is interested in leading an art club so we can also go that route.
If there is enough attendance/interest, after a while we can also bring in speakers from other organizations based on the topics the homeschoolers are interested in.

In addition to programs, the library can also help with the normal research stuff. I can offer one-on-one or group training on the library’s databases and can put together a special collection of materials to support a research trip to the library.

As far as times and days, my schedule is currently wide open and we can discuss any day and time.

I hope this helps. I look forward to working with you and other homeschoolers.

P.S. In case you guys were not aware, the library offers Rosetta Stone with all 30 languages and levels from your home or smart phone.

Kate Etheredge
North Shelby Library
Young Adult Services Coordinator
5521 Cahaba Valley Road
Birmingham, AL 35242
205-439-5512 (direct)
205-439-5500 (library)