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Dec. 17, 2017 Cullman Christmas Bird Count

Cullman Christmas Bird Count

The National Audubon Society invites birdwatchers and nature lovers to participate in the longest running citizen science survey, the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC). On Sunday December 17, 2017 The Cullman Christmas Bird Count will take place in a 15 mile radius centered at the intersection of I 65 and US 278. Volunteers will break up into small groups and cover parts of the circle, recording the birds seen or heard.

Each year, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count mobilizes over 72,000 volunteer bird counters in more than 2,400 locations across the Western Hemisphere. The Christmas Bird Count utilizes the power of volunteers to track the health of bird populations at a scale scientists could never accomplish alone. Data compiled in Cullman will record every individual bird and bird species seen in the specified area and then be submitted to the National Audubon Society contributing to a tradition stretching back more than 100 years.

Birders of all ages are welcome to contribute to this nationwide citizen science project that provides
scientists with a crucial snapshot of our native bird populations during the winter months. Each individual count is performed in a count circle with a diameter of 15 miles. The volunteers break up into small parties and follow assigned routes, counting every bird they see. In most count circles, some people also watch feeders and record their sightings instead of following routes.

To sign up for a count, please contact Vince Meleski at vmeleski@charter.net or 256-739-4589 if you are interested in participating.

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count began in 1900 when Dr. Frank Chapman, founder of Bird‐Lore – which evolved into Audubon magazine – suggested an alternative to the holiday “side hunt,” in which teams competed to see who could shoot the most birds. 117 years of counting birds is a long time, but the program somehow brings out the best in people and contributes to our understanding of birds.

There is no fee to participate and a report will be available online to view all the count circle results. The counts is open to birders of all skill levels

The count will begin with a meeting at 6:30 AM at Culpepper Real Estate Co located at 601 Seventh Ave SW in Cullman and wrap up with a compilation at 5:00 PM at Karma’s Coffee House 103 1st Ave NE, Cullman. At noon the group will meet at Culpepper Real Estate to compare the morning’s results and plan to look for any missing species. Volunteers are welcome to participate in the morning or afternoon session if they do not want to participate all day.

The highlight of last year’s count was two bald eagles flying over Lake Catoma.