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Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church in Hayden. We offer freedom along with quality resources, information, activities and support to those homeschooling in Alabama. We believe that the parent has the best interests of their children at heart. We believe that the parent is the first and only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we wish to be a very hands-off cover school and allow the parent to lead and guide their children in the direction and at the pace they feel is best suited to their children. We ask only for what the law requires while offering support along with quality resources to aid families in their efforts.

University Ready: Special Pricing for Everest Academy!!!!

Calling all Everest Academy High School Students!!!!  This is a great opportunity for all students in or about to enter the 9th grade and up!!!!

University Ready is normally $60 per year, but we have arranged for Everest Academy families to have access to this website for $12 per year.  After payment, you will be sent a special sign-up code and instructions.  Please note that this special pricing is available to Everest Academy families exclusively.  If you would like a year membership, please send payment to:

Everest Academy
1035 Jenkins Rd
Hayden, AL 35079


Paypal:  everestacademy1@gmail.com 

University Ready is a subscription membership website stock-full of resources specifically put together to help you succeed in the process of preparing for, applying to, and financing college.  The information is written by college students, graduates, professors, and experts in the individual fields.  Videos, articles, blogs, a forum, and lists of websites and other resources are all put together in one location,  carefully organized to guide you through the process step by step and to the make the specific answers to your college-related questions easily accessible.

The members-only areas of the website include:
  • More than 30 video articles, detailing every step of the college application process, from deciding whether-or-not college is the right choice all the way up to evaluating your different housing options.
  • Numerous articles written by college students, graduates, professors, financial planners, and other experts on a wide range of topics to help you succeed in preparing for, applying to, and financing college.
  • A members-only resource page, with links to the best websites available on every subject.  We carefully go through the thousands of college-related websites so that you don’t have to!
  • A downloadable PDF calendar, detailing what you should be doing each year of high-school to prepare for college.
  • Exclusive access to our online forum, where you can read about others’ experiences (or post your own) and get quick answers to your specific college-related questions!

Let us take the headache out of figuring out the process of preparing for college! University Ready provides comfort in helping to ensure that you don’t miss any important steps, and allows you to maximize your efforts by helping you to evaluate which college-prep steps you need to be working towards and which ones you can pass up. And save money at the same time, by learning from the real-life experiences of others. All of this for only $5.00 a month (a whole year for less than the price of a college textbook, and we’ll teach you how to save on those too!) $12 per year!!! (special pricing for Everest Academy families)

Pizza a vegetable? Congress saves dough over kids’ health

Recently, Congress stated that tomato paste, the basis of any good pizza, qualifies as a serving of your daily vegetables. Apparently, there is no need to eat your broccoli and carrots anymore, pizza will do just fine. Congress is taking the easy way out in finding healthy school meals that satisfy the regulation on the amount of vegetables served at lunch, while also saving the nation a few bucks.

School lunch lines bring to mind trays filled with cheeseburgers, chicken fingers and french fries, so as we quickly approach 2012, isn’t it our job to change the menu for the better? This is the government’s golden opportunity to influence how students eat for the rest of their lives. Giving them options like pizza and french fries gives the false impression that tomato paste and starchy-potatoes are good choices to fulfill that daily vegetable serving. Incidentally, the tomato is classified as a fruit.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued new guidelines and revisions for school lunches in early January. They proposed to increase the availability of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat milk, among many other things.

The pizza-loving lobbyists were left enraged and, according to The New York Times, spent $5.6 million lobbying against these new regulations. It’s understandable that organic and whole-grain foods cost a pretty-penny but it’s no reason for Congress to turn its back against the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s regulations.

It’s embarrassing to see our government scrounging around for extra money instead of bettering our society by feeding children healthy, satisfying meals. Well fed and healthy students will always one-up the ill-fed students, who’s stomach are filled with pizza — er — I mean vegetables.

Who wants to eat celery, green beans and brown cardboard-like bread when one could settle for pizza and french fries that now satisfy the daily dietary requirements? Clearly, Congress is only looking out for our taste buds and the bottom line rather than our weight, sodium intake or health. Is it not clear to them that obesity is a rising epidemic? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that approximately 12.5 million children between the ages of 2-19 are obese. That’s clearly a problem, and giving them the not-so-healthy options at lunch doesn’t help at all.

Yes, foods that lack essential nutrients are cheaper and make it easier to feed so many hungry mouths, but the end result needs to be acknowledged as well. We say it’s okay to feed children chicken nuggets and french fries now, but what happens when the weight gain starts to set in or when diabetes diagnoses run rampant? Congress’s attempt to be frugal in these hard times will result in ballooning childhood obesity that will blow up in their faces.

Huntsville, Dance Your Dreams Program for Special Needs Children

Location:  Merrimack Hall, Huntsville
Cost:  FREE

Dance Your Dreams! is a dance program that provides dance education to children who cannot participate in mainstream dance education due to physical, mental or emotional disabilities. 

Click here to watch a video about Dance Your Dreams!

Dance Your Dreams! is a dance class specially designed by Merrimack Hall's dance faculty, in consult with physical therapists, for children with gross motor developmental delays. Classes are offered weekly following the city school's calendar and include numerous performance opportunities for participants. Each student is paired with a trained volunteer who helps the children execute the movements which their challenges prevent them from being able to execute without assistance. Students in this program have multiple diagnosis including Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, cancer, hearing impairment, language delays and learning disabilities. Everything is provided to these students at no cost to them, including dance attire and costuming for performances. 

This unique program was designed to provide performing arts education to children who would otherwise not be able to participate due to their personal physical challenges. We are proud to announce the expansion of Dance Your Dreams! for the 09-10 year. We will now offer four classes, open to up to 8 children each.

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Update on the November 10, 2011 Meeting Concerning Common Core Standards:

The Governor bravely introduced his resolution to rescind Common Core Standards and explained his position as one having to protect the state from federal encroachment. However, Randy McKinney introduced a substitute resolution which affirmed the resolution passed in November 2010 by the State Board of Education. Although it does nothing to extract us from CCS and its implementation will cost the state hundreds of millions to implement, Mr. McKinney's resolution passed six to three.

Governor Bentley stood firm and did not waiver in his position to rescind the CCS resolution. He presented his resolution with heartfelt passion and great resolve. Stephanie Bell and Betty Peters have spent untold hours gathering information on Common Core Standards so their understanding of these standards was crystal clear. They have tirelessly fought this battle with steadfastness and great intensity. To Governor Bentley, Stephanie, and Betty, we offer our sincere gratitude.

Thank you for your phone calls, emails, letters, and personal visits to the Governor and BOE members. Although the resolution to rescind Common Core Standards did not pass, it was quite evident you made a huge impression. It was stated by one of the BOE members that he received so many calls and emails that it was impossible to answer each one. Once again, CHEF's constituents came through and we are most grateful.

We are very thankful that The Home School Legal Defense Association will continue to monitor the effects of CCSSI on all states and will work to protect the freedom to education our children at home.

In this Thanksgiving season, we have much to be grateful for. The privilege of educating our children is one we should never take for granted. Just this past week, we received a prayer request from homeschool leaders in New Jersey stating that "NJ is about to be hit with a Bill that would make NJ the worst state to homeschool in. If this Bill is introduced and passed, we will have gone from the easiest state to the worst. We would ask for your prayers as we deal with this."

We also received a prayer request concerning the country of Bulgaria. A new piece of legislation is being considered that would grant state and social workers the right to intrude on family life and values, and impose state-directed recommendations which parents will be obligated to follow or be punished in the form of fines, loss of their children, and/or imprisonment.

So, as we gather with family this Thanksgiving, let us be especially thankful for our right to homeschool and pray for that right to continue, offering special prayers for these two recent requests.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Rusty Tate
CHEF of Alabama

Initial Posting, October 12, 2011:
Common Core State Standards Initiative

I have received several inquiries about this subject including an invite to a Facebook Page stating the following: 



The threat to our freedom and influence originates in the 2009 Stimulus Package by offering grant money to the states IF they adopt common standards in math and English. But there are a multitude of strings attached, and this is only the beginning…

Read more here.... including ways to take action.

In response, I sent a note to HSLDA inquiring about the potential hazards of the Common Core State Standards Initiative to homeschoolers. Below is the response I received copied and posted with the permission of HSLDA Attorney, Darren Jones. 

Dear Ms. Spradlin,

It is definitely a concern, though not as directly as some people might think.

1. HSLDA has always been firmly opposed to the Common Core State Standards Initiative. See http://www.hslda.org/docs/news/201003310.asp, http://www.hslda.org/docs/news/201006180.asp, and http://www.hslda.org/docs/news/201008050.asp.
2. The CCSSI was adopted in Alabama in November of 2010, so this isn't really a new development, per se.
3. The adoption of the CCSSI in Alabama does not, at this point, change the legal requirements for home education in Alabama, as summarized on our website at http://www.hslda.org/laws/analysis/Alabama.pdf.

Should you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to send me another email or give me a call.

Elliot Ko
Legal Assistant to Dewitt T. Black, III, Esq.
Home School Legal Defense Association
Phone: (540) 338-5600
Fax: (540) 338-1952
Email: legalh@hslda.org

The information contained in this email is or may be attorney privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this email is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Due to the nature of email, there is no guarantee that this message has not been edited after receipt.

Alabama Homeschool Co-ops/Classes/Clubs

Looking for a homeschooling group to get involved with?  Check below for a group near you!  Know of one we don't have listed, please send us the info!!!

Please note that all info is provided as an FYI only.  All information was current when posted, but as you know, things change and folks forget to tell me.  If you find a link that is no longer valid, please contact us so that the information can be updated.

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Birmingham: Home School Bowling League

Birmingham - Home Schooling Bowling League at Brunswick/Riverview Lanes located on Hwy 280 next to Target (just south of The Summit). The cost is $7.50 per week for 3 games of bowling, shoes, and coaching in our league. In fact, if people join our league, they get to bowl for $1.25 a game for open bowling! There is also a one time sanction fee charge of $10.00. The games start at 1:00 every Tuesday. There are two divisions: Div. I for under age 12, Div. II for over age 12.

For more info, please contact Sarah at tuesdaybowlingleague@gmail.com

50 EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark

50 EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark

Article from Online Colleges

Please Note:  All links were valid when posted, but blogs (and links) come and go.  If you find a dead link, please contact me at everestacademy1@gmail.com so that the link can be updated or deleted.

With more and more issues surrounding public schools and private schools being too expensive for many families, parents have turned to homeschooling. This involves the teaching of one’s own children at home by a parent or teacher. Once thought of as impossible, the internet is now making the goal of homeschooling more and more obtainable.
In fact, we were able to find 50 EdTech blogs every homeschooler should bookmark. Whether written by a teacher, parent, or both, they have loads of useful information on starting a homeschooling program, lesson plans, finding support, and much more.
EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by a Teacher
These teachers often double as parents and triple as bloggers in homeschooling.
    1. Heart of Wisdom Blog : Robin is a homeschooling mother with over 20 years of experience. She encourages homeschoolers to develop a relationship with God and make Bible the focus of the homeschool day. Categories on the blog range on everything from crafts to education to even nutrition. Popular entries include a backspace for the mouth and a Christian’s view of World of Warcraft.
    2. Spiritbee : Blogging about homeschooling since 2005, Heather has turned her blog into a popular choice. Tips for how to do it, along with entries on daily life, are often featured. You can also get tidbits on photography, food, nature, and more.
    3. Guilt Free Home Schooling (one of my favorite blogs): Carolyn Morrison is an eleven year veteran of homeschooling her two children from leaving public school in the elementary grades, through high school graduation, and onto college. GFHS is her attempt to offer help, comfort, and advice to those beginning and continuing homeschooling. Guilt free education with religion in mind is also featured.
    4. Notes from a Homeschooling Mom : This blogger is an artist, freelance writer, and homeschooling mom. Topics range on everything from accreditation to whining. The stats on homeschooling were a recent topic of discussion.
    5. By Sun and Candlelight : This blogger leads homeschooling for a family of five. Nature, faith, books, and more are also the topic of conversation. Check out the Library Loans section for recommendations to check out from your own public one.
    6. Mrs. Hannigan’s Home for Girls : Lisa Russell blogs on everything from childbirth to education. Loads of activities for homeschooler such as Batik and pirate fighting are shared. Images are often part of blog posts.
    7. Karen Edmisten : She makes no apologies for the staleness of her blog’s title. However, Karen does take the task of being a homeschooling mother far more seriously. Coffee and Catholicism also come up.
    8. Throwing Marshmallows : Stephanie is a liberal minded homeschooling mom who is trying to find a balance. Although her children pull her in two different directions, she chronicles how she keeps the peace. Useful tips on getting started in your own homeschool are helpful.
    9. Schola : L. is a secular classical homeschooler chronicling her Odyssean learning adventure via blog. Naming her blog after a term that blends work and education, she also opens with an interesting quote from Oscar Wilde. A plan for Grade Four was the topic of a recent post.
EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by an Expert
These professionals have more than homeschooling on their minds in the below blogs.
    10. Here in the Bonny Glen : Melissa Wiley is an author of children’s books who also homeschools. Read about the best of both worlds in her blog. A recent blog entry was on a trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home.
    11. Books and Bairns : Mary Grace is a writer and homeschooling mom who asks the question “what could possibly go wrong?” Get the answer with a read. A recent post was on the practice of waiting.
    12. Eclectic Education : This blogger is a Christian, homeschooling mom, writer, designer, and scrapbooker. In addition to eclectic educational tips, she also writes about her two sons. Quick tips such as cheap homeschooling and curriculum are not to be missed.
    13. Camp Creek Blog : The Top Drawer of this blog includes must read entries such as “Should I Homeschool?” and “White Space.” There are also links to art lessons and other projects. Camping is also a topic of choice.
    14. Homeschooling : Beverly was the administrator of a large independent study program while simultaneously owning and operating a homeschool bookstore. She has taught her own children from preschool to high school. Must reads of the blog include homeschooling basics by state and grading by goals.
    15. Trivium Academy : Jessica’s profession is banking when she isn’t homeschooling. Choose to read about topics such as art, foreign languages, science, and more. She has recently gone back to work and writes about how it will affect her future.
EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by a Group
Two or more people author these blogs on homeschooling.
    16. Homeschool Buzz : The latest news in technology and education for homeschoolers is listed here. Buzz, reviews, and book recommendations are all sections of the blog. With several posts a day, make time for this blog.
    17. Dewey’s Treehouse : Mama Squirrel and Mr. Fixit are the bloggers behind this homeschooling family. From Canada, they discuss all aspects of life, including home education. Inspirations are often the topic of posts.
    18. Why Homeschool? : Three experts weigh in on why homeschooling can be a better option for children and families than a traditional setting. General issues, educational thoughts, family, and random items are shared. Be sure not to miss the Intro to Homeschooling with more.
    19. Suite 101 Homeschooling : Writers from across the web stop here to post information on homeschooling. Related topics include graduation, regulations, homework help, and more. One of the latest posts was on developing a homeschooling support group.
    20. The Common Room : A retired Air Force and homeschooling family blogs here. The focus of the blog is education, cooking, crafting, politics, literature, leadership, and other topics. Links to items of interest are also shared.
    21. Love 2 Learn : A group of Catholic homeschoolers are the writers behind this blog. Books, children, education, family life, and faith are all discussed. The Picture Book of the Week was the subject of a recent entry.
    22. Homeschool Family : Visit here to get tips, materials, curriculum, and experiences from one family to another. Coral leads up the blog and is teacher and mother to three children. Daily life is also written about.
    23. Homeschool Hangout Zone : Go outside the textbook with the help of this blog. Sections are divided into math, science, history, English, and social studies. A recent entry was on why lips are red.
    24. Radio Free School : This blog is a space for people who eschew factory learning in favor of unschooling, open source learning, community based, learning without school. A weekly show is by, for, and about homeschooling. Over 200 shows are sure to fill hours.
    25. The Homeschool Cafe : Three homeschooling mothers stop here to blog. Political issues, education, and general discussion are shared. Links to items of interest are also included.
EdTech Community Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark
Check out the below to get or join a community of bloggers.
    26. HomeschoolBlogger : Click here to get over 20,000 blogs on homeschooling. They feature popular bloggers, top groups, and much more. They even have a section where homeschoolers can get free classes.
    27. The Homeschool Lounge : Meet other moms who homeschool on this community. Barbara Frank also includes expert blog entries on the topic. There are currently over 13,000 members.
    28. CafĂ© Mom : Meet all sorts of other mothers on this massive online social network. There are many of homeschooling moms, along with the more traditional. Everything from conceiving to college are topics of discussion.
    29. Homeschool.com : A huge curriculum awaits visitors to this page. Items for those new to homeschooling, as well as for advanced teachers, are offered. Be sure not to miss the forum with more.
    30. Parent Community Home : Parents who need help in homeschooling can visit here for tips and blogs. Time4Learning provides loads of products for homeschooling, as well as support. They also have forums for just about every problem imaginable.
    31. Homeschool Christian : If Christianity blends with your homeschooling, this is the online community for you. Message boards contain thousands of posts on topics from advice to healthy living.
    32. Homeschool Meetup : This site allows people from all over the world to connect who have mutual interests. With a special section for homeschoolers, you can find a meet up group in your area. Simply click on one to learn more.
    33. Homeschool Support Groups : Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Then visit here to get homeschool support groups by state. They also list international organizations.
EdTech Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark by a Site
These sites have special sections for the homeschooler.
    34. Heart of the Matter : Enrichment on this site includes homeschooling methods, projects, and support. A recent entry was on 3D presentation ideas. You can also find sections on family, friends, and more.
    35. Crosswalk : A popular site, they also have a special section for homeschooling. Choose from how to start to resources and even the option to connect with other homeschoolers. Current entries are on topics such as studying history and five lessons for the parents of college bound children.
    36. Home School Heartbeat : This blog is sponsored by the Home School Legal Defense Action. Interviews with experts are often the topic of entries. Goal setting and achieving was the topic of the latest.
    37. News and Commentary : Visit here to get a blog from “Home Ed” magazine. Several writers drop in to post on the topic. You can also get sections on resources, editorials, and support groups.
    38. Just Enough and Nothing More : Education and parenting collide in a helpful way here. Homeschool Makeover is just one of the reasons to visit, although the plentiful articles help. Technology minded entries such as how to handle video games are also found here.
    39. On the Company Porch : Click to get the official blog from “The Old Schoolhouse” magazine. You can also find links to contests and giveaways. Recent posts are on high school homeschooling and children playing.
    40. Just for Families : Christianity.com is a leading site among the faith. Homeschoolers, parents, and children can come here to get resources such as Bible stories for kids and items just for parents. There are also quizzes, games, and other fun activities.
    41. Homeschool Family : Lifeway helps homeschoolers with entries such as encouragement and more on the homeschool community. They can also help with Sunday school, events, ministry, and more. Be sure not to miss the “Ten Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way” entry.
    42. The Homeschool Channel : Get a video blog for homeschooling here. You can also submit your own homeschooling lessons. “Answers in Genesis” is the topic of a recent one.
EdTech Specialized Blogs Every Homeschooler Should Bookmark
A more specific side of homeschooling education is focused on in these blogs.
    43. Spunky Homeschool : This mom gets top spots for being parent and homeschooler to six children. With the blog doubling as vacation time, the summer has been full of educational ramblings. Best of the Blog include extreme parenting and outsourcing.
    44. Paper Bridges : Monica is a homeschooling mother of four children aged five to twelve. Her blog is dedicated to the importance of books and reading. A standout feature of the blog is recommendations for reading and for staying away from.
    45. Homeschool Math Blog : Maria Miller shares math teaching ideas, links, reviews, and more to help teach. Her goal is to help homeschooling mothers help students learn the subject. Quick lessons are often featured in posts.
    46. Christian History Blog : Several experts from Christianity Today gather here to write on history with a faith based perspective. Stop by to teach yourself or your homeschooler more about history. A recent entry was on the history of the Annunciation.
    47. The History of the (Whole) World : Susan charts her progress in writing, revising, sending to the editor, and doing the entire thing again to chronicle the history of the world. A good stop to see the inside world of editing, along with history.
    48. Learning Vocabulary Can be Fun : Increase your homeschooler’s vocabulary with a visit to this blog. Games, lessons, and more are featured. One of the latest posts was on building vocabulary in context.
    49. Homeschool Entrepreneur : Run a business while running a school with the help of this blog. Teaching the business side of homeschooling is a huge topic with posts on games to teach entrepreneurship and money lessons for children. You can also get help with freebies, growing wealth, and teaching.
    50. Homeschool2College : If your homeschooler is leaving the nest for college, this is the blog for you. Linda Weaver recounts her adventures of homeschooling their two girls until they went to college. Although the journey ended in 2007, archives dating back for years show you what to expect.
No matter what the age of your child or their educational needs, the above 50 EdTech blogs every homeschooler should bookmark can give you loads of help on when, why, and how to homeschool.